How to Batch Creative Content 101

Updated: Jun 29

Batching Creative Content 101

1.) Pick a Date, Allocate Generous Time, and Shutout Distractions

How to Batch Content | Part 1 - Batching Creative Content 101

  • These tips will allow you to select a time to focus and do a complete content dump with no distractions. (Hint: Put your phone on silent/distraction-free mode)

  • Make sure to give yourself time to create content and generate new ideas creatively. Giving yourself a short content session may limit creativity and authenticity.

2.) Solidify Content Strategy, Research Current Trends, Narrow Content Pillars

How to Batch Content | Part 2 - Batching Creative Content 101
  • Each of these tips will allow you to create a goal for this set time before you start; plus, you will build a more robust brand persona down the line. By narrowing down the different content pillars you want to focus on, you create more of an ability to connect with your audience and focus on a niche.

3.) Outline Todo List, Focus on Content with a Purpose

How to Batch Content | Part 3 - Batching Creative Content 101

  • Setting a list of different content that needs to be created, you ensure that you have all the little pieces moving forward with the month. While creating all this content, it is vital to remember to create content with a purpose and authenticity - aka, what is your goal of this post, and how will it connect with your audience.

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