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Owner | Creative Director | Podcaster

KT Maschler

@kt_maschler  Born and raised a Jayhawk, I attended the University of Kansas, and graduated with a marketing degree from the school of business in 2019. I found my love for podcasting through the podcast ‘My Favorite Murder‘ by Karen Killgariff and Georgia Hardstark. After binging all the episodes I began to branch out and explore the podcast platforms. In other words, I found the vast world of podcasting to be fascinating, and loved the ability to find a podcast about pretty much anything you can imagine. I jumped at the opportunity to become a sound engineer and producer for the Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. As a result, I quickly fell headfirst into the podcasting world.

Then, I started The Quest for New Inspiration at a time when I needed some inspiration myself. My goal is to share inspirational stories from all types of people, in hopes of inspiring anyone that presses play. By sharing this podcast, I am challenging myself to improve my confidence, while also growing my podcasting and networking skills.