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KT Gates


Owner | Creative Director | Podcaster

  • Hey there, I'm KT Gates —an avid explorer of inspiration and the creative mind behind The Quest for New Inspiration and New Inspiration Media. In 2020, I launched my podcast, The Quest for New Inspiration, where I dive into captivating personal stories from diverse individuals. If you’re looking for fresh inspiration, you’re in the right place. In today’s crazy world, it’s so easy to find ourselves in a rut. So many of us are craving real, authentic positivity—the kind that’s rooted in acceptance, not denial. Staying inspired doesn’t have to be an exhausting pursuit; perhaps it can be as simple as pressing play on a favorite podcast! I invite you to join me as I set out on a treasure hunt to discover what motivates some of the most inspiring people. Together, we can figure out how to make meaningful connections, grow in emotional depth, and put positive change into our lives and world. Here’s to finding inspiration! My goal? To ignite inspiration with every play button pressed. A podcast review nailed it: "Unsung heroes rightfully in the spotlight." Beyond podcasting, I'm also at the helm of New Inspiration Media. We understand the strains of modern-day marketing and social media. Our primary goal is to help you take the next step by leveraging the latest technologies and our vast industry network. We bring about a more targeted and consistent approach to your outreach effort. We're passionate about helping brands establish their presence and connect with their audiences by providing customized social media strategy, innovative content creation, and full-scale marketing campaigns tailored to each brand. I'm a Jayhawk alum, graduating from the University of Kansas with a marketing degree in 2019. My passion for podcasting ignited with My Favorite Murder, leading me to the podcasting realm. I honed my skills with Blue Tangerine's Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast. The Quest for New Inspiration emerged when I craved motivation. Sharing diverse tales is my mission, a challenge to grow my podcast and networking skills while boosting confidence. Catch me on Legrity TV's "That's What She Said," discussing overcoming chronic illness and anxiety. Notably, my podcast stood beside Brene Brown's in Disrupt Magazine's "14 Inspirational Podcasts" list.

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