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Soul Awakening with Ulrika Karlsson: Navigating the Depths to Embrace Light

Join host KT Gates in "Soul Awakening" as she engages in a transformative conversation with Ulrika Karlsson. Born and raised in Sweden, Ulrika faced the abyss of despair in 2008, battling depression, burnout, and thoughts of suicide. In this episode, KT and Ulrika explore the profound question, "Who am I?" and delve into Ulrika's unique journey from darkness to becoming a beacon of light.

Ulrika, a single mom guiding others through mental health challenges, shares her powerful toolbox of holistic practices, including yoga for empaths, therapeutic sessions, karma clearings, and soul readings. This episode unveils pivotal moments in Ulrika's life, offering a glimpse into her awakening and developing her unique approach to healing.

Discover how Ulrika blends yoga, quantum physics, and intuitive practices into a comprehensive toolkit, inspiring those seeking alignment with their true selves. Through anecdotes and wisdom, Ulrika recounts her own wake-up call, like the moment she momentarily lost her baby girl, leading to a profound realization of her inner struggles.

Explore Ulrika's advice to her younger self, emphasizing conscious breathing, not taking oneself too seriously, and trusting that, even in the darkest moments, "all is well." The episode unfolds with insights into how depression can be seen as a deep rest for body, mind, and soul, paving the way for profound personal growth.

"Happiness is an inside job," Ulrika declares, encouraging listeners to take charge of their lives and embrace inner transformation.

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Guest Bio:

Ulrika is an intuitive empath with an exciting background that resonates with and fascinates many. From having eating disorders, being depressed and suicidal - now transformed into easiness, devotion, and spirituality. She works as an International Author, Healer, Yoga therapist, and Spiritual Teacher. Her expertise is energy work, mental illness, stress management, sacred sexuality, spirituality, yoga philosophy, feminine/masculine, inner leadership, Soul - and Karma clearings. Ulrika has been on many international podcasts with great feedback, and the talks are always exciting and heart-centered" Her books "Holy F*ck and Sacred Water - The Secret Connections to Everything" and "The Sacred Soul - A Divine Evolution through time and Space" are here to make you say "F*ck yes". But first, they might piss you off ... She is here to increase your consciousness and to guide you back into your Heart!

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