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Tales from the Heart: Healing Paws and Pen Adventures | Terrie Sizemore

Join Dr. Terrie Sizemore, a seasoned veterinarian with 37 years of experience, on a heartfelt journey through veterinary care and children's literature. Discover the magic of her best-selling series, "D is for Dog," "C is for Cat," and "H is for Horse," offering easy-to-follow guides for pet owners.

Dr. Sizemore shares her passion for publishing with 160 titles and 100 children's picture books. Explore her diverse titles from A to Z Press, such as soulful stories like "Joy Outside the Box" and children's award-winning "The Little White Kitten and Her Little Red Mittens."

Dr. Sizemore's advice and anecdotes create a symphony of wisdom, offering a harmonious blend of veterinary expertise and literary creativity. Tune in to "Tales from the Heart" for inspiration, laughter, and a paw-sitively delightful experience! 🐾✨ #HealingTales #VeterinaryAdventures #ChildrensBooksMagicGuest

Bio: I have been a nurse for over 40 years, a veterinarian for over 35 years, held an educator's license in Ohio for over five years, and have been writing all my life. I began publishing children's books in 2008 and was not satisfied with the publishers I worked with, so I started my own company, which is growing daily. I have many books to offer children, young adults, and adults. Each and everyone has a family-oriented theme, and I am sure there is something for everyone at our publishing house. I enjoy being a horseman and riding dressage for pleasure. I kayak on the rivers in Florida and love the beach. I can help others publish with me, someone else, or alone. I can help with editing, formatting, cover design, and art for almost any project.

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