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Being a Voice for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Ashely Mizell | Episode 65

Tune in to this week's very inspiring guest, Ashely Mizell! She advocates for the blind and visually impaired, as she has been diagnosed with sarcoidosis! She shares her strength and resilience on her social media platform, hoping others with visual impairment that life can relate to and gain inspiration from her story!

Ashley is a mom to three boys - Bentley, 
Oliver, and Joey. Before being diagnosed
with sarcoidosis in February 2019 and 
losing her vision, Ashley was an avid and
well-known photographer in Kansas City.
 Photography and making people feel
beautiful was her passion and calling.

 July 2020, Ashley had an experimental
 Stem Cell treatment done to try and gain
back some of her vision.
 She has since found a renewed passion in
sharing her story, struggles,

 triumphs on social media to her highly-
engaged following on both TikTok and 

Sharing motherhood hacks, curly hair tips, 
empowering reminders, and more on her 
social media has made her a relatable 
figure in a trying time for everyone.

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