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Building Your Community & Ketone-IQ - Michael Brandt | Episode 66

For the two-year anniversary of The Quest for New Inspiration, I am super excited to be joined by Michael Brandt, the CEO and co-founder of H.V.M.N! We discuss his journey as an entrepreneur and marathon runner, both of which brought him to his latest product Ketone-IQ.

Michael Brandt (@bdm_runner on instagram & twitter), co-founder and CEO of H.V.M.N. He's an avid triathlete and marathoner (2:42 PR). Before starting H.V.M.N., he received his BS in Computer Science & Design at Stanford, was a Product Manager at Google, and was an Adjunct Professor at the Academy of Art in SF. He has always been a leader, and lifelong student, of designing products around new technologies and emerging needs.

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