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Changing “I Have to” to “I Get to” – Sean James | (Re-release) Episode 53

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

On this episode of The Quest for New Inspiration, KT Maschler is joined by the incredibly inspiring Sean James. As a former college and professional athlete, Sean has competed on the highest levels which has given him unique experience in, and valuable insight on the discipline, drive, and ability to dream big and achieve your goals.

Sean James is a former two-sport college athlete and professional football player for the Minnesota Vikings who has developed a successful career in business & financemanaging accounts totaling over 150 million dollars, and in philanthropy. After ending his athletic career over 25 years ago, he has made a point of exploring multiple professional arenas. Sean has coupled the lessons he has taken as an athlete along with the those he has gained as a businessman with an MBA from George Washington University in order to solidify a successful career in wealth management and an important role in the world of philanthropy. His experience as an athlete, a student, and a businessman give him a rare lens with which he can examine the efficacy and efficiency of a wide range of programs and corporations by focusing on the four principals of philanthropy, access, networking, and education (PANE®). Sean’s first-hand knowledge, coupled with his own network (one built over three decades and encompassing the academic, athletic, corporate, and philanthropic fields) enable him to create access, opportunity, and awareness that establish and build relationships and turn them into lucrative business endeavors.

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