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Changing Limiting Beliefs and Setting Micro Goals - Calley Hewes & Valerie King-Mallar | Episode 55

This week's episode features two inspiring women, Calley Hewes and Valerie King-Mallar. They discuss their business journey with Hello Glow Coaching and how to approach changing limiting beliefs and setting micro goals.

Hello Glow Coaching -

We are a women-owned business working to change the conversations we have with ourselves and our bodies. If you’re ready to take the driver’s seat in your health and happiness, we’re here for you

Calley Hewes, Co-Owner

Functional Wellness Nurse Practitioner and Coach

Calley is the The Functional Wellness Nurse Practitioner and the owner of Zenith Well-Being. She is a licensed nurse practitioner certified in family practice and has specialized training in functional medicine - which is focused on nutrition therapy, is highly personalized, and places a heavy emphasis on lifestyle change rather than prescribing medication to mask symptoms. She is passionate about helping her clients build a healthy lifestyle from the inside out, as well as teaching them how to be healthy without dieting. Fun Facts: She’s from Vermont, loves ice cream, and coffee is her non-negotiable.

Valerie King-Mallar, Co-Owner Transformational Mindset Coach

Valerie is a transformational coach whose passion is using her vast experience to help women around the world succeed in achieving their goals, while inspiring and motivating them through 1-on-1 or group coaching sessions. Her clients come from around the world and include entrepreneurs, artists, and high-achieving women working to create their ideal lives. She has a diverse background that includes marketing, sales, recruiting, and managing operations for a bakery & café. Fun Facts: Valerie is from the coast of Maine, loves to read, and is obsessed with everyone’s Myers-Briggs type (she’s an ENFP).

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