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Created Upgradeable – Chad Sanschagrin | Episode 7

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Join Kt Maschler and Chad Sanschagrin of Cannonball Moments for episode 7 of Quest for New Inspiration. We discuss how to be constantly upgrading yourself. This episode promises to inspire you to start upgrading your life.

Chad is a top-rated sales professional for national homebuilders and delivering over 10,000 motivational talks to those in a multitude of industries, turning his passion for speaking into Cannonball Moments. A Cannonball Moment is where purpose meets a new path and understanding the why that drives everything we do. Chad’s Cannonball Moment drives what he does every day: contributing to the growth and well-being of others around the world by inspiring them to experience their own Cannonball Moments. Through cannonball moments people learn the professional techniques to help Increased sales and revenue, gain global recognition and brand awareness, and revolutionize and set the trends for their industry in a nontraditional fashion. We believe employees don’t need new software or a new sales strategy in order to accomplish more, they need someone to evoke the greatness that’s already within! Cannonball Moments achieves this through tactical real-life lessons and growth mindset applications to increase converted sales as well as personal fulfillment!

Life takes on a new meaning, and our purpose becomes crystal clear. It is a moment that inspires fulfillment in all areas of your life. It is a moment that changes your future by asking you to be fully present. Chad Sanschagrin

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Hello and welcome to another episode of the quest for new inspiration. My Name Is KT Maschler This week I will be intering chat, Chad Sanschagrin, who is the owner of Cannonball moments, and not only is he a big inspiration on all of his this week I will be interviewing Chad Sanschagrin, the owner of Cannonball moments. Not only is he a big inspiration on all of his platforms, he has his own podcast and is in fact one of my favorite inspirational speakers. I hope he inspires you as much as he’s inspired me. Yes, now you can hear me Ye look what’s happening Friday. How are you right? I am good, I’m home I was in. I was in. I was in Denver that think about where I was in Denver and boys see beside this week so real. So you got home late last night and I leave Sunday forward de Moin Iowa, like all these fun places a yeah. If you just want to start with introducing yourself and just a little bit about you and then we’ll go from there perea. My name is Jad Antran and I own a performance. Training Company called Cannonball moment, so I get to work with really high performers in the corporate world on not just the tactics of how to be a better leader, better sales, Westmere lly on the mind set and the kind of the belief system that you need to have true fulfilment in that just corporate success. Okay, so I saw I first got introduced to you because I’m not sure if either my boss was featured on one of the Weben hours at your featured on or I was just signed to watch it, but it was just as the quarantine was starting and you were doing this inspiration speech about your running running challenge. And do you want to plan a little bit of that? Oh yeah, that was so. I’ve been a runner for like the last four years and I really started. I started for all the wrong reasons. Like I started because I wanted to run a Martino. I could tell people, I ran a marathon. There was a hundred cent ego based. I did it. I ran. I ran the marathon, but I again you can do you know, there’s a lot of people to do the right thing, but you do it for the wrong reason and it still equals the wrong thing. So it’s you know you got to do the right things for the right reasons, and I was one the right thing for the wrong reason, but but nonetheless, I started running. I ran my first New York City Marathon. I hated it. I ran the second time because of don’t want my friends doing it without me. Again, ego purpose only and then I did it the third time and I was like I am absolutely like and doing this for the wrong reason, and I realized that this big shift moment and I decided I was in go and I really focus on like becoming a better round and becoming a better version of myself and a healthy aversion myself, and so I started running and then, when the quarantine started. I felt like I wanted to kind of push myself to see what I was really capable of, and so I did this this running challenge to the counter club challenge. A friend of Mine Jesse had introduced to me to it and but basically what it is, is you run the day of the month in miles so the first day of the month, you just got to run one mile, the second day the month just two miles. Third, so Anson, it’s really easy until you like to port the Fourteenth Day of the month, and so it was it was in April, and I said I am a dudish challenge. We were quarantined, and so I was doing great fourteen miles fifteen miles sixteen day sixty miles. I got all the way up to the twenty second day and my ego got a hold of me. I was running a twenty two mile on er around twenty one. The day before and I was like well, I’m gonna run twenty two that might as well just run twenty six because you’re so close to a marathon right. So this just to an extra four miles, and so I ran a marathon on the twenty second and then on the twenty third. I went out for a twenty three mile on, and so I can’t I can’t now not do another marathon to do an a marathon in the twenty third, I didn’t see any thing in the twenty fourth and then on the twenty fifth. I did again, but I hurt my leg. My left leg started like a wokee in a lot of pain, and I said I was never going to quit. I was never going to quit on the course. If I was going to quit, I was going to quit. I wasn’t going to strive the run, and so I was like I just start I’ll finish it. So I was the twenty fifth my leg hurt. I ran I got through at the twenty six I woke up. I ran was my fifth o six marathon in a row in six days, and I broke my leg so so I couldn’t Soi. Would I finished it? I was like dragging my leg behind me. Is the worst worst pain. I’ve ever been in, and I got my blag- was black and blue. Basically and my wife said if my wife said, if you even think about going out for a run to morrow, you will not have to worry about your leg, I will kill you. I will literally tell you I went to the doctor. The next day was asal next day found. I was fractured and then so I was I was I went to like and I’m like a enthusiastic optimist. I’m a I am a I’m not always like a male Mary poppins, but I am pretty much a happier lucky guy and and but I was really like in a dark place like the next week and a half and all my friends were out around and they ran for me and I tried to offer a time o support, but I was so close and I didn’t finish what I wanted to finish and I was really disappointed. So I couldn’t run. I was in my Perun for two months, so two months I was I was. I was frustrated because I had done all this work to build up all this endurance and but like who was all you know being taken away from me, and so so. So a couple like a couple o months ago went by and I was like- I went back to the doctor. I was on crutches and I got the Boudoir was done and it was the end of August, and I said so. I freed aright. She said Yeah just take it easy like slow, so races and then so September. First, I started the counter club challenge again to two weeks after I was like all right. I’m gonna do I’m doing it this month and I should have picked a month a head less days, but so I like February or something so but anyway. So then I did in September and I was able to finish it and I and I I different what he stuck to the mileage, except for on the very last day. On the Thirtieth Day. I ran thirty one miles just because I could, and so it took me, two tries but failed miserably. The first time I tried it, but then I came back in September and I I knocked it out of the for you have summary Life lessons from all that, oh, oh, my gosh. I could write a whole book about it. Yeah I and I I there was so many ways to do it. There are people that have done this challenge before and they they split it up. They say right and half of the runs in the morning and half a lake at dad and Emil on their run. For in the morning for night, every one of my rock barnes was a straight run, so there was no breaks like I go out and whatever, and so I spent a lot of time by myself and I worked the whole time. I remember like the last four runs. I was in de Morn Iowa, so I ran at midnight, got done at like five in the morning and then spoke all day and then slept and I got up at midnight and was- and I ran again so I was running in the middle of the night towards the end. They every run thro a lot of time to think, and I think one of the things that really I can remember really cool story. At least it’s cool to me, and I have I have a habit. I was setting my dresser, but I was running and it was about two o’clock in the morning. It was on the twenty ninth day of the Thirtieth Day, twenty ninth day, the Minda Morn Iowa, and I’m running down this long, this long street road, this roads, probably six seven miles long and I’d, run it the day before. So I knew exactly where I was going and I’m coming up on an intersection, and there was a huge screw in the middle of the road like that. This middle of this intersection, like coming out of a community there’s weird sheep, big screw just sitting right in the Sene Street. I saw it when I was running up a head and there Bar- and I saw it when I was running up and it just. I don’t know how I caught my why I caught my bit. It caught my eye and I saw it and I’m like actually picked that screw up, but I was like ten miles into the into the run. I still had you know eighteen miles to go and I’m like I was like. I just got to stay focus. I saw this gon on my catch and pick it up somebody’s going to drive over it sin to get in the tie it’s going to rot in the morning. Let me, as you pick the screw up, but she keep coming up to in him like I can’t I don’t even want to bed, I’m six, but eight. So like me, bending O, it’s not it’s not like graceful right, and so so I see so. I see the screw and I’m like. I should pick the screw up, but I don’t pick it up and I run past the scroll I just keep on galling and about twenty five yards past the screw and I’m like. I should have picked that screw up and now I’m having a conversation with myself in my mind about this trew. I just pick it up it’s going to, but I don’t nessary. I got sixteen miles to go. I don’t feel like turning back around bending over picking up the screw, so I keep writing now. Fifty yards past this girl and I’m like us, pick the scro up now, I’m seventy five dollars. I. Why didn’t I pick that screw up now, I’m a hundred I W I’m like I get to the point where I’m like almost like a quarter mile past the screw right. I like all right. You know what I’m going six miles on my way back I’ll pick the screw up right. Doesn’t this my logic and I was like no is what if something happens now in between now and it’s, the middle of the night, think somebody’s car like so, if somebody comes now and Ron a quarter mile out and I’m like, I can’t like I just go back, I run back. I turn around there’s nobody that they’s pitched like there’s nobody out, there’s no cars out there or nothing, and I go back and I run back and I picked the screw up and I put the screw in my pocket, and I realized that that was a big big shift and I use it words a lot shipped. I shift for me to stand for see how I find truth to see how I find truth moment and it was a big shiftmoment. I said, and I kept the screw and the reason why I was so big- it’s not about the screw. It’s about the person that I was becoming on this journey, not just in the journey of this counter club, but it was the course of the last fifteen or twenty years of my life where a long time ago, one I would have never even noticed the skill to. I would never even thought like could damage somebody’s car and three. I damn sure wasn’t going to stop and pick it up, because that’s not who I was, but I had, but now when giving the choice to do the right thing or the wrong thing make a difference to not make a difference. When I, when I choose not to act, it weighs on me and now I make the decision more times, t make the decision more times correctly than I don’t, and now I still make the wrong decision enough times I shouldn’t but the, but the idea is like I was really proud of myself and the the rest of that run and every run for the next two days after that I carried the school with me. It’s screw is sitting on my dresser upstairs and for me every time I see the screw, it’s like kind of an indication that I’m becoming the person. I’ve always wanted to become I’m not there yet, but we have these slight indications that we’re supposed to look for, I think, to allow us to say I’m on my path, I’m on my path. The live has what we do is receive the decision. If we don’t make correctly and we beat ourselves up for them and we make ourself feel bad and we punish ourselves and were the only creature in the world that pays for a mistake more than once a dog doesn’t do something wrong and then feel bad about it. Thirty minutes later, like we do something wrong, we don’t live up to our best up er. We don’t make the decision. Probably we should and it weighs on us and we beat ourselves up. We be the sub up, but we don’t do is give ourselves credit for all the right decisions we made, and so we have these indications for me, like that’s an indication that I’m heading in the right direction. I’m forty seven years old and I don’t think I’ll ever get to the point where I become the version I want to become, but but but I have these indications and I’m heading in the right direction. That was my biggest take way from that whole run. A yeah was almost one of the pure reasons I wanted you on this podcast is because you have the ability to turn a run into something motivation and like just like a quote that I literally want to write on my white boards like how do you how I don’t yeah? I appreciate a it’s a big and you know what I think. The thing is that we we have to start being conscious. More of those things I was given to talk. Yes, Saint Boysy and I have a son faith and I don’t push my path out of the people, but but but I am guided by it and I don’t diminish it either, and I think one of the things I said yes say was that you were created up. Gradale like you were creating. You are like created as this finished project. Right like you, are they everything about you was you have the ability to constantly being upgraded, but there’s a point in our life, where we stop trying to upgrade to a better version of ourselves like to think that I can be the same father on my daughters today. They when they’re, sixteen that I was when I was when they were too would be, is not does make sense right. Yea, I have to become a better father have to be coming about a husband. I have to become a healthy on me. I had to become a better trainer, a better business owner and when you, when, once you say your point on Hey, I’m going to keep trying to upgrade myself, the universe gives you signs to tell you you’re in the right direction that you’re going in the right direction. We just for me. We, I don’t think we open for me. I wasn’t opening my eyes to say him, so it’s not about the screw it’s about what the screw represents. Is there a certain thing that just generally give you motivation to share all of this motivation to other? I I don’t think. No. I think that I think every you know I think every human being in them is. I talked a lot about this and now I think every human being in them has a New York Times best selling ball. And again I don’t literally mean a book. I’m saying I think they could write it, but they have all this information. They have all this wisdom, but they diminish their own platform and there’s no platform. In my opinion, that is more important than another human beings platform. The my platform today is just as important as platform is the person working with the chick play drive through when they’re right now or your platform or a tin, every platform all gives value and all contributes to the betterment of somebody. They think that you don’t understand, you don’t get to move to another platform until you understand why you’re on the platform you are- and it’s always for me about contribution and a lot of times what happens? Is You know, go back to that book that I think everybody has in them. They don’t write it or they don’t share it for one of three reasons: either one they don’t believe that they have any value to give. They don’t believe that their story, their life, experiences their knowledge. Their wisdom will make a difference and right so that’s one am nothing to give to nobody’s going to listen to it. No Body’s gonna. Listen to the thevera that nobody’s going to listen to it or they gonna be really fule or they’re, going to be made fun of or they don’t have the FIDENTIA. I don’t. I graduated high school with the one point. Six grade point average, nearly a one point: six we I never went to out. I never went to college. I didn’t read my first back until I was twenty five years old, nearly not one book, my entire high school career and in re my birth Bok. Until I was twenty five years old, and so I had this story in my head. That said, I have nothing to contribute. I have nothing to contribute. The minute I decided that my life was worthy of contribution. Is the minute that my life, I changed, because when you, when you believe that you’re worthy to contribute, then all of a sudden you don’t tolerate less. You don’t settle like you feel, like hey. I have something to contribute which changes your whole perspective on, how you see the world and how you view yourself and all of a sudden. You just start contributing it and I think that liberates other people to contribute. So I don’t look like somebody said somebody called me a couple weeks ago. They said Chad you’re a really good motivator or your motivationalist, something your good motivationalist. Something like that and I was like o but yeah, but that’s not what I do. Maybe I know I just tell my story like this is my story and I encourage you to tell you a story and you tell enough times is, and people will start to follow it. So the follow the people getting motivated is a result. It’s not it’s not a cause for me. It’s not like. I want to go around motivating people, but I hope that the way that I live, my life inspires other people to live their life. The way they want. You know not my way their way. Do you have like a specific moment that are shift ad you as you coulait that, like just started this Oh yeah, Jar, O Yeah August August, twenty or nine August, twenty t August, twenty first, one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine and eleven thirty P m. Why is that? I know exactly where I was. I know exactly. I know exactly where it was the moment. My life changed, so I was. I was in a bar in downtown Baltimore and I was with who is now my wife and we I had met my wife, I became. I met her this in June of that year we were at the same bar. She walked in. My friend of mine was was flirting with her, hitting on or like trying of trying to give his Madad y Babes, and he and she was she was like shooting him down, and I was just like the Comin of the wing man they’re just watching, and it was. It was so commonfolk because everything he tried. She was like blowing them off and then try again and she’s blowing him off, and this went on for hours, and so, if I would had a cell phone back, then I would have video tapeitout went birlas. It was like comical that was a really shitty wing man and anyway. So at the end, at the end of at the end of the night he said he clearly was going to strike out. The lights came on and I said, hey he’s not getting your phone number. Can I get your phone number and she said sure, and she wrote her phone Um debt back on the back of a business card. I still have it, and so we were going out. She was home from college. We were going to go out that Friday night for dinner. We went out to a place red brick station that Friday night and it was the worst date I’d ever been on. In my life it was all it was got awful like it was the worst deep. Ever I E I was ordering. I was getting the check before the entres came because it’s Friday night and Friday night and I was like missing a night down town where I lived with the boys and for this for this horrible date. It was the worst, and so it was just got awful, and so I hurried out like I think we met it like a maybe that met like eight o’clock, seven thirty year class and the date was over. The date was over and I was in my car heading back down town by nine o’clock, and I said I said I would call her and you know thanks for Ata great time and so to call it and then I never called her a just a omoplate be O. I never thought about it again and then I saw and then the end and then August, and then then I in audiunce, I was in the same bar and she walked in with some friends. I didn’t remember where I knew her from. I didn’t even recognize a really she’s beautiful, but I recognize it. I like. I know this girl. I know this guy. I couldn’t think of a she came ride up to me and she said Hey. How are you I said? Oh good, hey, how are you I didn’t steal at this point. Did Not remember her name and she said I said Hey. How is your summer she a great and she said: Don’t we tell you the high light went out and date with this guy. He said I was going to call and then never called basting me on it right there and he immediately right now. I remember where I knew a from like what a Jack yes and so I was. I tried to be very cool like Swan. I was like. Oh, you know, some manages Jack Asses, I mean make up for that guy and buy you a drink, and I don’t know why, because I I clearly dites rve, but she said: Okay, you can buy me a drink and we sat. We talked the rest of the night and I got up and seemed to me. It was amazing conversation and she was the reason I realized so eleven thirty that night around eleven thirty, I’m not the exact one brand. Even thirty, I got up to go to the bathroom, I get a drink and I realized I like this epiphany this ship moment. I realized why the first day was so bad, and that was because we had nothing to come. She was going to school she’s going to to different university she’s on build over and Drexel at the same exact time. One to get her low degree want to get her pht same time. She knew exactly what she wanted to do. She was driven. She wasn’t, she didn’t really drink. She didn’t really party this. What she was just there with friend, but this is this- was not who she was. She was knew exactly what she was going to show me doctor or lawyer it she beautiful. She was educated. She had already gotten her masters from my old Sake, see this. This girl was beautiful and bright, and I knew that she was way. I remember on that first date and the first day I’d asked her if he somehow were like. Oh, I was like hey. You want to get a shot. I was twenty four I was like Nevers. I had a horrible credit at all. I did was drink and party and work at a hotel. I wasn’t really clearly driven and so anyway, so I remember saying to her: Hey you want to get that see, so I’ve never done a shot, she’s twenty five years old. She had never done a shot, and I was like this something wrong with this girl right. That’s what I thought on that Porte as had never been around somebody that was to Drean so purposeful, and so they they amazing, and so I realized standing in the bar at in August. When I was look back at it, I like the reason that the first date was so bad, was because I was way out of perled. She was way out of my league, like I wasn’t that wasn’t in the same league as her and why an Balin- and that was that resounding story that Crackin my head, that had played my whole life that I clearly wasn’t enough. I wasn’t smart enough. I wasn’t wealthy enough. I wasn’t good looking that. I wasn’t like all these stories that I commiss myself up and so at that moment I was like I can either like. I can either like continue down this path of misery, or I can make a decision to move forward and try to get to figure out what she did and how she like. Why shoi’s possible her and like really change my perspective, and I decided right then, and there that I was going to change my story and I spent and we end up. I end up. She left for Philadelphia two days later and I drove up there a week later and took her out and for the next three months I drove back and forth to hilty, taking her out to dinner and Dayton er and then four months later I moved to Philadelphia and we’ve been married twenty years and it was so. The idea was for me that that was the biggest ship more in my life, like I, people change for one or two reasons, either desperation of inspiration that he is so desperate of living the way they’ve been living and they’re. So, tired of that critic, that’s taken over their life and that story that resounding story that they’re just not enough they’re, not clearly worthy enough of a life of abundance or life of love or life or success, and they decide. I can’t take it anymore and they change because there where they find somebody or they find something that inspires them to change the course they like on that very morning. On that very day, I got both because I was I was so desperate and so broken, and I saw somebody who was beautiful, smart, amazing, courageous, driven and I was inspired to figure out and what’s amazing. Even after twenty years now, twenty years, two kids, she owns her own business. I own my own business she’s. Never once told me what to do. She never wanted. You need to do this, so you need to that. She never controlled me in the sense of you need to change your life. She just lived her life and I watched and I became a reader. I became driven and I still again it was not a perfect like straight line where I am today. It was a Ekman up and down, but but like it was always going up, because I was seeing what she did and I was like yeah. I want that. I want to be on that playing field. I want to be on that level of and and so that was the the very moments changed my life that is so awesome. I love that sorry. You should turn that into like a movie o like you could do yes, my kids would love it because they love the hole mark channel. We you not watch another hallmark movie. Are You oh yeah, especially during the Christmas time, O exactly sons? Is You what’s your favorite inspirational movie? You mentioned in the podcast you recorded for the home builder, digital marking, podcast you mentioned patch at such O. my favorite inspiration like makes you cry every time. I’ve seen it than the best my gosh from the butterfly at the end lands on the shoulder, like that’s the best like yeah line in the movie. That’s what I talked about. You know you treat the treat the patient. You win some. You know this at me treat the person you win every time. Oh that’s good patch adams is right up there with with one of my favorite move, favorite inspirational movie all time, wow, that’s a good! That’s the best podcast question I’ve ever been asked yeah. My favorite romantic comedy, I know of the top. My head is Notting Hill. That’s my favorite, my favorite inspiration, favorite war movie is Saving Private Ryan Favorite Inspirational movie, it’s Clas, Tay, it’s Cliche, but I love I love rudy rely is really is one of my favorite inspiration movies. I think the story of what that guy had to do to get on to the dame football. It was amazing, but I’m probably still goin have to go with patch at us. I’m probably gonna Factas, because I think for me the idea of- and I think this is where we get lost and my whole company is really philosophy- is based around this idea. There’s so many people I just I was just. I kicked up a new client in boys yesterday and the last two days and when we did that sales call I’m on I’m on the phone to BPE, and he said he said something about being a sales trainer. He says it’s great. We really need a sales trainer and, I said Oh oh hold on. There must be some confusion and he said what do you mean? I said you’re looking for a sales trainer? I’m not you! Guy Is what you talking about. Don’t you train sales people? That’s it! Oh that’s like we’ll get say sales we in food, but I’m not a sale trainer because I’m really confused. I thought you were a sale trainer. I said no, a sales trainer sales trains, the position. If you want somebody to come in and train your positions, your sales people, your your sales managers, your construction, Managua. Then you get, you should probably hire somebody else, because I’m that’s not who I am that’s not what I do. He said, okay, but then what do you do? I said. Oh, we help coach the person actual person because people are not positions. People are people and they have desires and he have needs and have wants and they have struggles and and that you’re going to invest in the entirety of a person. You probably should invest in any of them or just at least find somebody that only cares about the position. He goes all right, you’re hired and so and the so to me- and I think that, for a long time people were not in the corporate world, they were afraid to say that they were afraid to say that, because all they, we believe that all they wanted was to drive bottomly profit, which is really important to get sales, which is really important. But none of that’s possible if your people on growing, if your people don’t feel good, if your people don’t feel bad or worthy or enough and to our entire philosophy is around you treat the you cheat the position yeah, maybe you shales go up. Maybe they go down, maybe your lesiba bed, maybe it’s an, but if you treat the person you will win every time and that’s Wot Pathans. That’s why I never that’s! I never inspiring. Others is always a result, always a result, and so people that set out to inspire a this usually do fote. So for the wrong reasons, they’re doing it for ego purposes, I want to spy or others will the best way to inspire others is to inspire yourself to you know. I just said this as a in a social media post that we should be B, we should be inspired by the person were capable of to coming so, like your journey is about becoming a better version of yourself in whatever area you peel, you want to become better, and when you do that, everybody else will notice it. Everybody else will notice it and they’ll take they’ll, be Oh shit right, oh shit, and that’s how you become a bas stitch. In my opinion, right you parsinal say this is where I am. This is where I want to go. This is where I want to be, and how do I get from here to hear and on my journey from here to there it’s the way that operate the way that my mind set works. The way that I conduct myself the way that I contribute the way that I interact, that people are going to stand up and take notice. If you tell you and what happens, is people see that and they’re like Holy Shit and all of a sudden they start following her and they start looking at like what she doing all right. Well, that is it for this week and I would love to have you tell a friend about this podcast and you can help me share these inspirational stories by rating and reviewing the class for new inspiration on apple podcast or your favorite podcast platform. If you have a question or an inspirational story, you’d like to share, you can send them my way, you can send me a message on Instar, a plus for new inspiration or enone at new inspiration, podcast at g mail com, thanks again for listening and be sure to join me next time.

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