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Cultivating Purpose and Marketing Excellence: Insights with Debbie White | Episode 89

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Join us in this insightful podcast episode as brand and marketing expert, Debbie White, shares her journey of guiding women entrepreneurs to attract perfect fit clients with purpose and authenticity. With over three decades of experience working with corporate giants like Starbucks, Debbie unveils her dynamic 'Lighthouse Effect System.' This five-step strategy encompasses everything from cultivating purpose-driven marketing to pinpointing your unique X-factor. Tune in to learn how to stand out, attract clients, and build a sustainable brand that shines brightly in a crowded digital landscape. Don't miss out on Debbie's expert advice and actionable insights – they're your compass to navigating marketing success!

Cultivating Purpose for Women Entrepreneurs

Guest Bio: I have spent three decades as a marketing expert, and I’ve also started several 6 and 7-figure companies, including Frank + Candor, my advertising agency. I’ve also helped Fortune 500 companies make gazillions. But my passion is empowering women creatives and entrepreneurs like you, to start cultivating purpose and help brands discover a one-of-a-kind messaging so you can make a bigger impact in the world.

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