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Culture Critic and Discovering Your Own Viewpoint - Clarkisha Kent

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

Are you ready to dive deep into discovering your viewpoint? Our latest episode has all the insights you need. This week on The Quest for New Inspiration, Clarkisha Kent joins me to discuss her journey and the importance of if you can find, find or build that community! Clarkisha Kent is a Nigerian American writer, culture critic, former columnist, and author. Committed to telling inclusive stories via unique viewpoints from nigh-infancy, she is fascinated with using storytelling and cultural criticism not as a way to “overcome” or “transcend” her unique identities (as a FAT, bisexual, and disabled Black African woman), but as a way to explore them, celebrate them, affirm them, and most importantly, normalize them and make the world safe enough for people who share them to exist.

Culture Critic, Clarkisha Kent

As a University of Chicago graduate with a B.A. in Cinema and Media Studies and English, she brings with her over seven years of pop culture analysis, four years of film theory training, and a healthy appetite for change.

Her writing has been featured in outlets like Entertainment Weekly, Essence, gal-dem, PAPER, BET, HuffPost, MTV News, The Root, and more. She is also the creator of #TheKentTest, a media litmus test designed to evaluate the quality of representation that exists for Black women and women of color in film and other media.

Currently, Kent is working on a novel about a Black female outlaw and a TV comedy pilot about an immortal familiar.

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