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Discovering the Best Pillow Process - Susana Saeliu | Episode 64

This week on The Quest for New Inspiration, I chatted with the CEO of Pluto, Susana Saeliu! After starting her extremely successful entrepreneurship journey early on, she is now focused on discovering the best pillow process. We discussed her journey to Shark Tank, and how to find the right sleep process for you.

Susana is the Co-founder and CEO of Pluto, a company focused on developing solutions that elevate your comfort and sleep space. Saeliu and Li founded Pluto in 2018 after Saeliu started searching for a better pillow to help her with neck pain. Saeliu and Li talked about how difficult it is to find the perfect pillow, and Li came up with an algorithm that takes into account a person’s sleep preferences, body type, and pillow preferences, then finds the perfect pillow for that person. The company's flagship product, the Pluto Pillow, is the first and only sleep pillow that's built-to-order based on your body stats, how you sleep, and what you like. Pluto combines both data and a human touch through a patented process to craft the perfect pillow for optimal rest and recovery.

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