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Discovering the Mind and Gut Connection - Tatiana Keay | Episode 60

If you are dealing with gut issues, this is the perfect episode for you! Join Tatiana Keay, registered dietitian and women's health coach joins this week's episode of The Quest for New Inspiration to share some knowledge about gut health. We chat about calming the constant chatter in your mind, dealing with gut issues and mental health struggles together, and much more.

Bio: Tatiana Keay is a registered dietitian and women's health coach specializing in gut health, weight loss, and longevity. She loves to keep up with a nutrition, so she is familiar with all the nutrition controversies. She is the author of two books, The Code of a Healthy Mind and Hungry for Truth. Her mission is to help women feel alive in their beautiful body temples by creating a healthy foundation that connects the mind, body, and spirit.

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