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Embracing Yoga Brain – Jenny Martin | Episode 18

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Do you need a dose of relaxation this morning? Today’s guest has just the trick; listen now to learn more! Join Jenny Martin of The Yoga Brain. We discussed her journey with yoga and how she internalized the practice as a philosophy rather than a pose. Be sure to check out The Yoga Brain Podcast for even more of Jenny and her soothing vibe.

Jenny Martin is a speaker, teacher and director of Yoga Brain, an organization that’s normalizing meditation. Jenny speaks on self acceptance by sharing her eating disorder journey and how yoga has put her on a path towards healing. Her foundation Yoga Brain hosts inclusive, conscious events in Kansas City, and also has a podcast, where she interviews yoga teachers and students alike..

Yoga Brain is a collaboration of teachers, healers, and life-long students normalizing the practice of yoga with donation-based classes and affordable events. Yoga Brain diversifies its audience by welcoming students of all races, ages, and physical abilities.

We aim to offer Eastern philosophy with a Western flair. We welcome all styles of practice and emphasize that yoga goes beyond the physical. Whether we are meditating or socially mingling, we work to make every event a mindful one.

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Jenny: [00:00:00] My name is Jenny Martin. I am an author, a speaker, a yoga teacher. I coordinate events and I organize a. Business called yoga brain, which offers scholarships to teacher trainings around the area. and lately we’ve been having a podcast as well, talking to teachers in Kansas city and asking them questions all about what the purpose of yoga is.

KT: Do you have like a certain thing that kind of inspired that?

Jenny: it started off as an event, a festival last September. it’s kind of a response to there wasn’t anything going on. And I wanted something outdoors that was safe for people to congregate and practice yoga together. And then I realized, you know, how can I make this sustainable?

How can I prolong this idea and concept of bringing people together and [00:01:00] practicing yoga. And so that turned into giving back and creating the scholarship. And now. And realizing the plot platform can go so much more broad and I’m offering more educational opportunities such as podcasts and working on a workshop for people to see what you’ll get is and what it can be beyond what you see on anything, you know, either physical or oppose.

No. Yeah.

KT: I love that. That’s that’s an incredible. Excited to dive deeper into that. So do you have like a certain thing that kind of, I don’t know, gives you the daily motivation to do this every single day and inspire other people and like push them to push themselves, basically?

Jenny: Nah, I mean, one second, an idea going, I, I, I try not to get, have too [00:02:00] much on my plate, but I really, if I feel strong, About something I will work on it.

So I see it come through fruition and with yoga brain, I’m inspired by how this helps me and helped me heal. And I know the power of yoga and the study of it. which again goes far beyond what you do in a pose it’s self study it’s it’s meditation. and just being able to teach that. the platform and the audience and seeing it grows is my main motivators to see how many people can I get to start practicing and questioning themselves and their lifestyle and sparking some

KT: change.

Oh my gosh, that’s great. Okay. do you have any people that you like go to for just inspiration, just in general for like your own positivity? I’m sitting [00:03:00] here and you’re literally like cell positive and just relaxing and bubbly. I just, do you have any people that you like go to to get that? Um,

Jenny: I cycled through people on the internet in terms of like YouTube burgers or, here in Kansas city.

I am like Cox has come to mind. She’s she’s also very bubbly and has a wonderful outlook on health and nutrition. And that’s. I struggle with a lot. even though that’s something I’m, but I, I guess, um, to answer your question for my inspiration is my sometimes thingies and my Instagram feed spa or whatever.

Yeah. Your explore. luckily it targets more funny or memes around astrology and I like the little GAD, Lyft, you know, will. We’ll laugh here and there that’ll that, that lifts me, but specific people, they rotate. They really do. no, [00:04:00]

KT: no, that’s perfect. is there a, I know you have this whole philosophy of yoga, but is there like a specific way that you kind of live intentionally through that?

Or like what resources you have to just kind of stay mindful and grounded?

Jenny: I may not sit down and do a full meditation every morning, but I, no matter why I check in and I just remind myself that, you know, any choices that I make are my choices and I don’t have any control of the outcome. So just reminding myself that over and over and over, uh, that doesn’t mean to say I won’t make bad choices.

I do. I do make the choices against myself. and that’s like my biggest, my biggest, I don’t even want to say flaw, but, something I, I acknowledge, try to work on, but, I think that’s, you know, the lesson of why we’re here is we have something on our shoulder, that little devil it’s like, okay.

[00:05:00] Constantly, like how do we keep it quiet? Yes. So that’s grounding morning reminder and throughout the day is how I, how I stay. Stay still.

KT: That’s perfect. I love that so much. Um, do you have a certain, like during these morning rituals, do you have like a certain affirmation or like mantra that you go to every day for just like that peace or relaxation?

Jenny: not daily, I guess. I just I’m so great full, and I, I name off. So happy to have it, my current reality. So that would, that would be like the constant mantra is just giving things.


KT: some of my last questions, um, what is like from now, for the next five years, what’s your biggest goal slash dream that you can just go from?

Jenny: Ooh. A lot of the will be publishing. And my memoir by 2022 in a solid, very soon, I want to look that into a movie and there’s a documentary and a movie that I want to make around the current event that I just helped with. So. Awesome. Yeah. Those are like four major projects that I want to see escalate from book to movie production.

I would like to act [00:07:00] and we’ll start with that.

KT: I explain a little bit more about your

Jenny: poetry book. I have a poetry book. that one is called emotionally bankrupt. I published it in 2019, or as a response to a breakup from a brief relationship, but very toxic, very intense relationships are always the worst.

That’s how they happen. Right. They’re there. So, yeah, they’re intense. And I just didn’t have anything else, but to write in terms of my response and. Like I have all this right about, and the therapist pointed out to right around something else besides him. So I started writing about my job that I was displeased with.

And then I realized for myself that I ought to write about the remaining factor or one of the biggest factors that that’s been digging at me, which is an eating disorder. So I wrote about that. And then I had enough for a book and I got, I self-published that one [00:08:00] it’s available. Amazon and it’s, it’s something that I, I don’t always write poetry it’s it just comes out of me.

And I did just write a bunch of various short, short poems that I’ll post in a photo diary. That’ll come out in August,

KT: 2014. I am so excited to get that. not only I’m excited to read it, but I’m so excited for the cover to be on my coffee table. okay. So one of my last questions. You have any kind of piece of advice for somebody who is either looking towards yoga as like a restful place or as an escape, or just trying to dip their toes into yoga in the first place?

Jenny: My first piece of advice is to start small and be patient with yourself. Remind yourself that yoga is not just something that you do on your own. That. Let’s start with a [00:09:00] two minute meditation. If you can’t get your mind quiet, that’s okay. It’s going to happen. Still happens to me and I’ve been doing it every day for a couple of years.

Now it’s a lifelong practice and it will change your life. I can guarantee that when you work on it.

KT: Oh my gosh. I’m going to do that today.


Jenny: two minutes to put your phone on airplane mode and then set it for two minutes. And maybe you said it, so it’s like a gradual alarm out. So like blaring, but, and just, and then go to three and four or five. And then before you know it, if you have like nothing to do on a day off, try 30 minute meditation and like you, you’re not going to feel something, you will feel something right away.

You feel very relaxed, but over time, weeks go by, you realize like, oh, you shed some. Habits or you [00:10:00] stood up for yourself or you had a great idea come through and that’s the longterm effects of meditation because our mind is going a million times a minute. And the power of calming it for just a moment is like putting it on reset.

And we remind her, we forget that we need to put our, put our brains on recent and that’s just not asleep because you’re having some crazy dreams and you’re asleep. So there’s, there’s that. Um, D D that who, how do I to put this? There’s that conscious pause that you love for yourself during your day? That you’re so powerful when it comes to mindfulness.

KT: Oh, my gosh. That was seriously incredible. I am going to put that in as like an audio gram or something. This that was amazing. Seriously. Thank you so much for taking the time to be here today and being on a podcast. Do you want to give a little shout out to your [00:11:00] podcast as well? Sure.

Jenny: It is. Podcast. And you can find and at yoga brand.

Can you see on Instagram? all of the podcasts are available through our websites also on Spotify, soon to be on apple. And we’re just interviewing again, teachers and healers from the KC area about what yoga is and how it looks like on different people.

KT: Perfect. Well, thank you so much. Thank you.

Awesome. And that is it for this week’s episode. Thank you again for listening to my little podcast is seriously means the world to me, that you even press play in the first place. Be sure to follow my inspiring guests on all their social media platforms as well as the quest for new inspiration on instagram of course and we officially have a twitter

so go make sure to follow new inspiration pod on Twitter, as well as leave a review and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. [00:12:00] It really does make a world of difference. Thank you so much and be sure to tune in next time.

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