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Empowerment Through Culture: Lyndsay Dowd's Insights for Leaders and Changemakers | Episode 88

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

On this episode of The Quest for New Inspiration, Lyndsay shares her personal stories and experiences, delving into the challenges she faced, the lessons she learned, and the pivotal moments that shaped her trajectory. She reflects on the importance of embracing setbacks and turning them into sources of empowerment, demonstrating how the worst moments in one's career can be harnessed as powerful drivers for changemakers. Listeners will gain insights into Lyndsay's journey of self-discovery, which led her to establish her company, "Heartbeat for Hire." As a coach and speaker, Lyndsay now assists leaders and leadership teams cultivate exceptional cultures that fuel success. The episode offers practical advice on personal branding, networking, and developing power skills or emotional intelligence to create a positive impact within organizations.

Lyndsay Dowd - Heartbeat for Hire
Lyndsay Dowd

Guest Bio: Meet Lyndsay Dowd, the accomplished and recognized business coach renowned for her impressive background in sales and leadership. With over 23 years of experience managing large organizations for IBM, she has honed her skills in leading diverse, high-performing sales teams. Lyndsay's passion lies in transforming leadership and fostering a positive culture, earning her accolades such as the Top 10 Coach from Apple News and the prestigious 2023 Award for Innovation and Excellence, also named Business Coach of the Year.

Her journey took an unexpected turn when she departed IBM, breaking her family's longstanding tradition of service, only to face an unforeseen termination after six months in her new role. This setback led her to reevaluate her career and discover her true calling, culminating in creating her company, Heartbeat for Hire. Now, she excels as a sought-after speaker, captivating audiences with her enthusiasm, inspiring stories, humor, and valuable lessons from her leadership experiences- triumphs and challenges.

Lyndsay's educational background boasts reputable institutions like Harvard and Duke, solidifying her status as a driving force in sales, leadership, and culture transformation. As the host of the globally ranked Heartbeat for Hire podcast, she shares her expertise and collaborates with various organizations, contributing to their initiatives.

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