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Enjoying the Journey, from Ice to Emmy - Brandon T Adams | Episode 61

Join the inspiring Brandon T Adams on this week's episode of The Quest for New Inspiration. We discuss finding what success means to you and his Emmy moment!

Brandon grew up working with his father in the packaged ice business in Garnavillo, Iowa. He and his father grew the company in a tri-state region, and in 2014, Brandon acquired the business from his father. Adams’ Ice Service is an Ice distributor under the brand Arctic Glacier Ice.

One hot day while delivering Ice, Brandon’s bottled beverage got warm on a hot summer day. He had used ice cubes before to keep the drink cold but putting ice cubes in the bottle was time-consuming and diluted. This problem led Brandon to invent the product Arctic Stick, an innovative new product that cools and flavors beverages. After investing $100,000 of his own money and 3.5 years of hard work, he began to market, and it sells on Amazon today. Check it out here. He also obtained a patent and two trademarks for his invention.

Brandon recently sold Adams’ Ice Service to focus on his TV Series Success in Your City and to share his experiences in Business with audiences across the World. Adams’ Ice Service was a second-generation and successful Ice business for over 30 years!

In 2015 Brandon launched his first crowdfunding campaign on, which led to the creation of his company Keys to the Crowd, now known as Accelerant Media Group. Accelerant Media Group went on to raise millions of dollars for other companies and helped them build their brand and influence online. Brandon and his team at Accelerant Media Group have worked with high-profile clients like Kevin Harrington, John Lee Dumas, XPRIZE, Think Rich Films, Ambitious Adventures TV Show, and others on successful crowdfunding campaigns, branding, PR, and digital marketing.

Brandon also is an advisor for the Tech Company ShipChain, which recently raised $30 Million dollars in their ICO. Accelerant Media Group is known for doing some of the largest fundraising campaigns in history. The docudrama Think and Grow Rich The Legacy became the largest crowdfunding campaign for a docudrama on Indiegogo.

They launched the 5th largest crowdfunding campaign in history on Kickstarter for the book The Freedom Journal, which raised $453,000 in 33 days. Accelerant Media Group was also successful in orchestrating a crowdfunding campaign and mastermind event for Kevin Harrington which led to the partnership of the product “Peeps” an eye glass cleaner, which went on to do over $100 Million in sales worldwide.

Brandon is the Co-Host and one of two Executive Producers of Ambitious Adventures, a reality television program focused on the compelling stories of young entrepreneurs around the country. Ambitious Adventures received an Emmy Nomination and airs on the Entrepreneur Network, Facebook Watch, and Amazon Prime.

He is the Associate Producer and youngest featured Entrepreneur in the Movie Think and Grow Rich The Legacy which is based on the classic book Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill that has sold over 130 Million copies worldwide.

In addition to his T.V. and film work, he is the host of the influential business podcast Live to Grind, which has aired over 400 episodes, and has been the guest on over 150 shows.

All of 2018 Brandon and his Fiancé, Samantha Rossin were on the mission to redefine the meaning of success. They lived in different cities across the country to discover the true meaning of Success through unconventional stories of Success. They Documented the Journey and filmed a five parts series for their show “Success in Your City”.

Their team consists of Executive Producers Jeff Hoffman “Co-founder of” Kevin Harrington “Original Shark of Hit show Shark Tank”, and Shawn Vela a 13X Emmy Award Winning Director/Cinematographer. The Show Recently won 2 Emmy® Awards for their Show Trailer and The Shea Hillenbrand Story: Against All Odds.

The Success in Your City Series will premiere on BeSpoke TV in January 2022. Brandon and Samantha also wrote the book “The Road to Success,” which is available now in bookstores worldwide.

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