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Finding Balance Living a Healthy and Happy Lifestyle – Emily Luder | Episode 10

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Join Kt Maschler and health fitness coach Emily Luder, as they discuss how to find the overall balance in living a healthy and happy lifestyle. If you are thinking about taking a step forward in your health journey, this is the episode to play!

Emily is a 23 year old full-time online fitness and nutrition coach. She graduated from KU in 2019 with her bachelors in Exercise Science, and has been coaching ever since. She’s a huge advocate for a healthy but balanced lifestyle and loves to share her passion with others. You can find her at the gym, trying new fun foods, or at home cuddling with her dog!

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Hello and welcome to another episode of the quest for new inspiration. My Name Is Katy Masher and yet again I will be sharing another story from one of my inspiring friends on this episode. I had the chance to sit down with Emily Luder, who is not only one of my tridelta sisters, but is a health and fitness coach. One of my favorite things about emily is how positive and real her fitness journey has been. I love to follow along on her Instar, so be sure to check it out after this episode. I hope she inspires you as much as she inspires me. So I am Emily Luder and I am a health fitness coach. I do personal training at an old woman’s gym here in town in person, but the majority of my time goes to my online business, so I do one on one: Personal Training, Coaching Health, coaching, nutrition, coaching workouts, all of that kind of good stuff and yeah. That’s really it that’s what I do perfect, what made you kind of head in that direction? Oh Gosh! So my freshman year of college, I used to be a competitive dancer and going to college like a lot of people, I stopped doing that. I wasn’t doing any sort of activity or workouts or anything. I had never actually gone to the gym and done a full on workout. Before in my life I always was used to just eating whatever I wanted and burning it off and practice, and so I wasn’t used to being able to like eat anything and then just gain weight from it like that was new to me. So I didn’t know how to go about how to eat right and burn off all of those extra calories and all that kind of good stuff. Much what happened was I gained like almost twenty five pounds in four five months, my freshman year and I was completely lost on what to do. I wanted to go to the gym, but I again didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know how to put a work out together or anything, so I would usually just go in and hide on the bike for like twenty minutes and then go home and, like I said I didn’t know how to eat right either, especially being like on a freshman dorm kind of school diet. So I got a personal trainer and I saw her once maybe twice a week. She taught me how to put workouts together. She took me through exercises. She taught me a little bit about nutrition and from that I just kind of realized. I felt so good after doing my workouts, that I really really began to love it, and I started doing a lot of my own research on how to eat right, how to do work out all of that kind of stuff. Thankfully, my boyfriend was a personal trainer to so he helped teach me a lot of that as well and over time I just really really got into it. I had actually started college as a psych major and I switched to exercise science started, studying that I became a personal trainer my June Year Year of college, and that was when I first kind of got into the training world, but really just I mean everything, kind of fell into place after getting a trainer for myself, I found a new passion and I’ve just kind of taken it from there awesome. Okay, so well, I know you personally just from like school and tried out, and but I’ve also been following you and just like, follow your I guess social media progression. I would call it so now on social media. All of your platforms are very inspirational, very body positive, very just like very positive yeah. That’s basically the whole word. What gives you that motivation and why? Why have you chosen to go that we’re out with your like social media versus just like the intense critical fitness world yeah? Absolutely I do. I didn’t really mention that I take a very different stance as to what I promote and what I believe in in terms of fitness. I promote overall balance and living a healthy, happy lifestyle and not just you know, eating chicken and rice and cardio every day and like all about the shredded abs and that kind of thing, and that’s really because that’s how I started when I got into the fitness world, because I didn’t know that much I mean you see all these influences and you learn about body building and everything is all about aesthetics and how you look and you kind of get in your head that you’re working out, because you need to look good and that’s the sole purpose of it. So I got into a really bad bingin restrict cycle. I was barely eating. I was doing cardio all the time. I really only cared about how I looked and how I looked online and made sure I had the ABS and the veins and all of that kind of stuff, because I felt like in order to be a trainer and to promote fitness. I had to be credible and to be credible, I had to look like that and that’s something that, in the fitness industry really really needs to be worked on, because that’s how it is for so many people who initially get into it. I know a huge handful of trainers who went through the exact same journey and it took years to repair R metabolisms and to kind of get into the mind set where it is more about balance and your life is so much more enjoyable when you’re, letting yourself eat cookies, sometimes- and it’s not all about weighing out calories and bringing your food scale everywhere, and it’s not all about how you look and just overall my mind, set so much better. I’m so much happier. I feel overall, a lot healthier in terms of just sleep and energy and all of that- and so I just kind of chosen to be really open and honest with what I went through so that I can help prevent other people and other women from going through the same thing and just being really open about how you know the fitness industry is really fake. A lot of the Times a lot of the influencers are really fake as far as just photo shopping and only posing and using the best lighting and not showing that we all have real bodies, and we all have flaws and not everybody who’s into fitness is perfect. So that’s just been a big passion of mine is preaching that and showing that to the world, but yeah really just from my own journey. I guess got me into that perfect, okay. So, if I was wanting to just like start this whole fitness process and like eating healthier and what not? Where do I start? How do I start? What should I do? I would definitely say to take baby steps. I think a big issue with the people who kind of get caught up in that mind set. is they go all in and they go all in way too fast and it’s immediately going from eating whatever you want to literally wagging out every single piece of food that you put into your body and focusing on you know, I have to do cardio every day and I have to work out every day or I’m failing kind of mind set and that gets you burnt out really really quickly and you’re not going to enjoy it along the way you’re going to hate it and you’re going to stop and that’s why so many people fail on diets and just overall getting into fitness and getting healthier. So I always have my client start. Is there somebody who, starting from like zero, for example I’ll? Have them start only doing two workouts in the gym a week and then maybe throw in a couple days of going on a walk or a run? Or I don’t know a bike ride. Something like that. Yoga stretching that kind of thing to get their body moving, but I’m not going to tell them. You have to go lift six days a week and you can only have one cheap mail all week kind of thing, because they’re going to hate that they’re not used to it, it’s really really hard and same thing with nutrition. Just easing into it. You know, switch a couple things out for healthier options, but you don’t have to go all in like right away, and I think that just easing into it like that definitely just in the long run, really really helps as far as making sure that it’s sustainable and getting your body used to it and your mind used to it and all of that, so I think that that’s definitely my biggest recommendation. Just it’s a process. Take it slowly, enjoy it, ah for sure okay, so were, I know we all struggle with like these skip days or cheat days. As I heard you refer to them. Where do you get the inspiration to? I guess move forward after you? Let yourself have that day or the inspiration to not let that cheat day be negative yeah. One thing I should have caught myself on is I hate. I still lit me used to calling it a cheap day, but I’ve tried to stray away from that word because I hate that word just sound so negative and it’s not cheating on anything. A lot of people will call it a reefed or like just a day off. You know whatever, but it’s very, very easy to have a bad meal like that, a so called bad, less nutritious, less healthy meal and want to make up for it the next day in terms of restricting your food or exercising more trying to burn all of those calories off, and one thing that I think that a lot of people don’t realize is it takes thirty five hundred extra calories per day to actually put on a full just one pound of fat. It’s an entire thirty five hundred extra calories. So even if you’re having you know a less healthy meal, if you go out to eat and have something that’s higher calory than usual, most likely, it’s not a full thirty five hundred calories on top of what you’re usually consuming, because that’s a lot of food like that’s not got to do so. People will wake up and they’ll get on the scale the next day and see that it went up three pounds and it didn’t actually go up three pounds of fat. It’s a lot of sodium and water weight that you’re holding on to from that that you just have to drink water and sweat out and it’ll go away. So the scale is a big thing is just not letting yourself get on the scale the day after because you know you’re going to be retaining water and it’s going to be higher than normal, but that doesn’t actually mean that you put on that number of pounds of fat specifically and that’s what mentally brings a lot of people down is seen the scale go up. So that’s definitely my top recommendation and then other than not just getting back into your like normal everyday habit. Don’t change how you eat! Don’t change how you work out drink a lot of water, sweat it out and you’re going to go right back to normal and just knowing and realizing that your body is not going backwards in terms of progress from one bad day or one day off like. I think that just in itself is extremely helpful because, like I said people don’t realize that yeah is there a place you go for just like daily fitness inspiration or just like to keep a healthy lifestyle. I guess I mean, I know it’s your job and you love it. That’s your passion! Obviously, but like just I don’t know some other people that you like to. I don’t know soak up and get yeah Um. I do have a lot of people like on Instar and some podcast and stuff that I listen to that. Give me some inspiration and some motivation, I’m trying to think I can give you like the actual user names, but the college clean eating. There’s a girl, her users fears to fit Stephanie Buttermore and her boyfriend. Jeff nippered are some of the ones on the top of my head. That are all just very raw and real and the girls that I mentioned all come from background similar to me that went through that restricting period and just overall body image issues and then got out of it and are very open about what their bodies look like and their life, and you know all of that kind of stuff, and I think a lot of those girls and Gosh there’s, probably a handful of others that I’m very inspired by Nice. Okay, so one almost done, but one kind of fun question what is like your favorite either playlist or go to work out song to just like get you pumped up and like ready. It seriously depends so I with music, I go through phases where I’m like really obsessed with a song or a person for like two weeks, and then I listen to it so much that I don’t like it any more and I go right now. It’s pop smoke, a P that song always get high reason and next week, it’ll probably change, but that’s where I’m outed in the moment. Okay. Last question: Do you have any last piece of advice for either someone who’s like either just starting in their fitness journey or maybe struggling in their fitness journey and needing a little bit of that inspiration, Yeah Yeah? Any last advice, I think my main advice, especially for somebody who is struggling to either get into it or just feels like they’re stuck and needs help, is to ask for help actually talk to a trainer or a professional or DM or some other coach on Instar and just ask questions. There’s so much information out there, but there’s so much information. That’s wrong too, that I don’t want people to be just going to google, because it’s probably going to be an inaccurate, find a professional talk to them. Get some ideas. Ask Questions Soak up as much information as you possibly can take advantage of all the information that is out there in the world and then, as far as just for somebody who is wanting to get into it or who is struggling getting into it. Honestly, I just say, like start like, I said earlier, with baby steps just start, because you’re not going to lose anything from starting, it’s you’re not going to fail you’re, either going to learn from you know the mistakes that you make or you’re going to grow. Those are the only two routes that you can go, but either way it’s going to end up, putting you in a better place than you are now and overall, just getting to the gym one time or eating one healthier meal makes you feel so good mentally and also it’s one step better than where you were before one step towards your goals. So just do it go for it take the risk yeah. Yes, I love well. Thank you so much for taking your time today, all right. Well, that is it for this week and I would love to have you tell a friend about this podcast and you can help me share these inspirational stories by rating and reviewing the class for new inspiration on apple podcast or your favorite podcast platform. If you have a question or an inspirational story, you’d like to share you can send them my way, you can send me a message on Instar, a plus for new inspiration or email me at new inspiration, podcast at g mail com, thanks again for listening and be sure to join me next time.

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