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Finding the Momentum to be Consistent - Kelly Sinclair | Episode 70

This week on The Quest for New Inspiration, I am extremely excited to share with you my episode with brand and marketing expert Kelly Sinclair! Kelly is the owner of KS & Co, a PR and Marketing firm focused on creating authentic brands. We discuss stepping into entrepreneurship life and the importance of finding the momentum to be consistent when stepping outside your box.

About Kelly:

I never wanted to be an entrepreneur. It wasn't my dream. At a time when I was a complete emotional wreck, grieving the loss of my Mum, I realized how precious life really is. And I made a decision not to spend my time doing things that don't bring me joy. So, getting up before 5 a.m. to get the kids out of bed so early so we could get on the highway and commute to work had to go. Drinking all the coffee just to be a human had to go. Missing out on quality time with my kids, had to go. Asking someone else's permission for what I could do with my time had to go. So I started my own business. That was 2017, and it's been quite an adventure! When I looked around, I saw small business owners who had poured their hearts and souls (and savings) into their businesses, but marketing had fallen off the priority list. I set out to help them. I started this business to help other entrepreneurs grow successful businesses by creating authentic brands and attracting the dream clients they want to serve (because I don't believe you should have to do anything that doesn't bring you joy!) I brought with me a 12+ year career in PR and communications, working with global brands on reputation management. Now, I bring that big brand experience to the small business space, helping turn your startup into a brand in demand! In the first four years of my business, I've scaled to over 6-figures, created an award-winning brand for the Cochrane Tourism Association, built out and implemented several integrated marketing strategies, had my clients featured in dozens of media publications, hired a team, and supported more than 100 small business owners through programs and coaching. But it all comes back to purpose. When I lost my mum, I learned the importance of feeling connected to my work since it takes up so much of my time. That's time I need to be away from my girls, so it better be making an impact. You deserve to work at what you love. You deserve to make money doing it. You don't need to compromise.

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