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Following Your Passion and Being Fearless - Tanner Jones | Episode 57

This week on The Quest for New Inspiration, we are going GREEN with horticulturist Tanner Jones. We discuss his journey following his passion in the plant industry and some tips for new plant owners and fellow plant killers like myself.

Tanner is a Store Manager for Family Tree Nursery in Kansas City, and began his quest for plants at a very young age. Tanner would drive 5 miles down gravel roads in a farm truck to go work for a local greenhouse after school. While Pinching petunias, scrubbing flats and pulling weeds Tanner was fascinated and fixated on growing plants. His dad built him a greenhouse in high school to further develop that love. With some grit and determination he moved to college to pursue a degree in horticulture and fell in love with a local nursery—prized for its charm and unique plant selection. Tanner helped curate one of the most outstanding tropical plant selections in the state of Missouri—busting at every greenhouse wall on the three acre lot. Right before the pandemic set it, Tanner was called to lead a team at a young

/garden center hybrid model, expanding its curation and bringing life to the stunning campus, but the love of plants called him home—and off to the next challenge as he was called to be the the Store Manager for Family Tree, arguably one of the most premier nurseries in the Midwest. Tanner has a knack for unique plants—texture, color, growth habit anything that can excite the senses.

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