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From Small Town to Big Impact: Lacey Mills and TECH's Inspirational Journey

In this episode of "The Quest for New Inspiration," KT Gates sits down with Lacey Mills, the Vice President of Marketing and Foundation Development for TECH in Hutch. Lacey shares her inspiring journey from growing up in a small town, leaving for college, and eventually returning to her hometown. She discusses the unique value of small communities, the remarkable growth and mission of TECH, and her unexpected path to a career dedicated to helping others.

Lacey's story reminds us of the power of aligning our work with our passions, finding joy in everyday efforts, and the importance of initiative in shaping our careers. Join us to discover how Lacey's positivity and dedication make a meaningful impact in her community, and learn valuable advice on finding your own path and passion in life.

Don't miss this uplifting conversation and stay tuned for more inspirational stories on 'The Quest for New Inspiration' with KT Gates.

Guest Bio:

Lacey Mills is the Vice-President of Marketing and Foundation Development for TECH. Mills has over 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector with a focus on marketing and development. Previously, she was the Executive Director for the Muscular Dystrophy Association and Genesis Foundation for Fitness and Tennis before moving back home to Hutchinson in 2016 and joining TECH. As the Director of Marketing and Foundation Development, Mills drives the mission, fundraising, and development opportunities for TECH as well as oversees the marketing strategy for TECH and the TECH Art Gallery. Mills is passionate about TECH’s mission, the people they serve and the TECH team. She is a Buhler High School alum, graduated from Wichita State with a degree in Marketing and Minor in Management. Mills lives in Hutchinson with her husband, Justin, and 13-year-old son, Easton.

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