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Gather Motivation From Leaders in Your Life – Cori Masters | Episode 15

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Join Cori Masters of Beacon Homes on this week’s episode of the Quest for New Inspiration. We discuss the importance of gathering motivation from leaders in your everyday life.

“Keep trying, and of course, it sounds super cliche, but don’t give up. And if the why’d you started is not what you feel passionate about. Don’t be afraid to change your path in life because you’ll find your way eventually.”

Cori has over six years of experience as an Online Sales Specialist with proven success. In the past, her expertise has helped contribute to over 60% of overall sales. In addition, Cori’s multicultural background has allowed her to navigate the industry, supporting and understanding buyers of different backgrounds. After studying photography in Italy and Japan, Cori and her husband moved to the US, where she started working as an online sales counselor for Royal Oaks Homes. Currently, she works for Beacon Homes in OK while living in Boise, ID. Most recently, she has been involved in developing her builder’s Tour Now program and continues to be a part of the Online Sales and Marketing team. You might have seen her on the big virtual stage at IBS earlier this year – where she participated in the session with our friends Kerry Mulcrone and Laura Hanson, called Humanizing the Virtual World. And most recently partnering with Michael Landers Founder of Culture Crossing, Inc. to offer an Online Sales training program.

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Kt Maschler: Hi everyone. My name is Corey

Cori Masters: masters. I am, uh, from Argentina. So I have a little accent that you might hear. I, uh, was born and raised in Argentina by Argentina. And when I was about 16, um, my family and I, my parents and I, and my sisters moved to Italy where

I lived in Sicily, which is a beautiful island [00:01:00] in the south of Italy, in the Mediterranean. And when I was there.

I met my husband. Well, who then became my husband. Um, he is an American that was stationed there. He was in the air force at the time. And, um, it was like a, a magical meeting. The way we met it was in a castle. And, um, yes, it was just beautiful. And everything in Italy was like magical at that point in time, you know, I was like 19, I had just broken up with a boyfriend from Argentina and now it’s so sad.

All of a sudden, uh, we lived in this tiny, tiny town called and, there was one tiny English school that I dragged my mom to go out there. And now it’s like, you have to teach people how to speak Spanish because mama said of Spanish and literature professors. So I was like, you need to get out there. You need to make friends.

Cause we were really lonely in Italy. It sounds pretty. When you move to a completely different country. My mom didn’t speak [00:02:00] Italian at that time. So she felt very lonely. She came from like teaching and having lots of students. So she was very lonely and I was like, let’s go out, let’s go make friends.

Let’s teach some people how to speak Spanish. And, uh, I dragged her out there and all of a sudden from the apartment upstairs comes down. This really. Guy interrupted me. And I turns out to be Mike who’s now my husband. And he was friends with the owner of the school and she introduced us and which has kind of fell in love.

We were both lonely and we became friends and started dating and, um, fast forward two years from then we moved to Japan where we ended up getting married. And I know it sounds super funny,

Kt Maschler: but I feel like you’re reading me like a Nicholas Sparks novel, like that should be in the movie like that is dreamy.

Oh my gosh.

Cori Masters: It was, it was a really fun time in her life, honestly. And like I said, when I said about the castle, like the tiny town that we live in.[00:03:00] The main landmark was a castle because everything in Italy is extremely old. And to Italians, it was like the little square where everyone went out to get drinks or a coffee or gelato and all this fun stuff.

So like, yeah, that was the place we would hang out at. That’s where we met. That’s where he proposed to be. And at the time we were like, oh yeah, let’s go to the square. And then when we moved here, Man that was really special.

It’s like one of those things you don’t realize in the moment, you just, it felt special like the way we met, but then adding apple, the, the extra related details here and there, you realize like, it was so, so magical. So whimsy over also. Yeah. And yeah, when, when we were in Italy now, when we were in Japan, I worked as a photographer.

I loved it. And I’ve always been drawn to arts. But we ended up moving state side where his parents lived in North Carolina and out there, I ended up meeting some really [00:04:00] amazing people that worked in real estate. And I ended up getting a job as an online sales consultant, which is what I still do today.


Kt Maschler: that was well, I literally can’t even like full Edify an answer or a response to that, that, oh my gosh. The away that needs to be a movie immediate. Um,

Cori Masters: so

Kt Maschler: what is, I was inspired by you by your just general presence and like the building, like industry being a woman. And you’re very strong boys. Um, what kind of gives you this motivation to do that in general?

Cori Masters: Well, I would say I always motivated by the people that are like leaders in my life. I think it all started with my mom. She’s a very smart woman. She’s always. Very drawn to knowledge and just being smart overall and like being a really strong person. And, uh, my grandmas have been amazing [00:05:00] in my life as well.

My, one of my grandmas was a teacher since she was like very young back in. Like, you can think like the fifties and sixties. And then my other grandma, my mom’s dad, she was in television back in the sixties and in Argentina. So it’s, I love watching pictures of her with the big hair, these from the sixties and just, and yeah, like everyone else in my life, my dad, my grandpa, my husband nowadays.

So I think when, when you see those people that you care about and you see them doing well, You want to do well and make them proud. And the same goes for the people I work with. If my boss is an amazing person, like the one I work with right now, Beth, I just drive everyday to, to make her proud and make everyone in the company I work for proud as well.

That is great. Oh my gosh. Okay. So when,

Kt Maschler: um, you’re kind of like lacking inspiration or motivation, where do you [00:06:00] go or what do you kind of do in

Cori Masters: response to. Well, I’m like a really old soul. So I really, I really like listening to classical music, which is kind of like a turn off to some people and I really love it.

And it, um, there’s certain movies that have like shaped my life. I love classical movies like Romeo and Juliet. Um, I think it was the sixties. It has beautiful music and there’s another Italian movie that I love called , which has wonderful music as well. and then just music and movies. Like they really moved me to my core.

So if there’s anything that I really miss or that I feel like I need to. W like, I don’t know, like get a move on. I’ll just put some good music on would have look like what other people put on. But, um, that type of music just kinda relaxes my, my soul and it makes [00:07:00] me just kind of think and the right mindset.

And then if it’s like, work-related, and I don’t know what to do, or I’m stuck in a thought, I’ll try to find the good podcast, the like people I admire in the industry do and not just listen to it. And hopefully it will spark something. Yeah,

Kt Maschler: there are some seriously amazing podcasts. I have loved apart, uh, the on builder, digital marketing podcast and just Larry.

Yeah. It’s a lifts into inspiring people. Well, just like just by

Cori Masters: accident, I am women and I

Kt Maschler: love it so much.


Kt Maschler: any other tools or resources that you like practice on a date since to help you like stay mindful and just intentional about that?

Cori Masters: Or, I don’t know. It always feels weird to, to be put in the spot of what other tools do I use to be mindful, because I feel like most of the time by life is out of control.

But, um, but if I had to think of those moments where, where I feel like I am in control is when I feel confident in my. So, and in my life in general. So if there’s something that is feeling unbalanced, it might be because in my head, I don’t know what I’m doing. And so if it’s work related, I will ask the questions.

I need to get answers for, to feel that I know what I’m doing. If it’s my family life or with the people [00:09:00] I love is just communication thing needs. I mean, I’m not afraid to say that I’m in therapy just because we all love getting better in, um, well, I don’t think we all love, but I think it’s something we need to do and get better at communicating with each other.

So, um, if that helps and that’s, that’s what I do.

Kt Maschler: I fully endorse therapy. I actually texted my

Cori Masters: therapist right before, quite a bit,

Kt Maschler: but not for any reason in general, it’s just like, I feel like it’s a good. I dunno, reliefs in like a way to like think through your general thoughts and do something. Really. It really relaxes me.

Cori Masters: I mean, yeah. Yeah. I think it’s a good way to get like some of those thoughts out without feeling judged, which I think a lot of us don’t want to talk bad about our kids or about our friends or people that we care about, but we are maybe upset at them someday and just.

Therapy and talking to someone else that has nothing to do the kid judges, a kid, go back and talk to them and tell them, [00:10:00] well, Corey said that about this. It’s just so freeing. And then I come home and I’m all relaxed and happy and ready to keep going for the day. It’s perfect. Okay.

Kt Maschler: What would you, what would your younger self think about what you’re doing now besides, um, the dreamy husband thing and like all of that, she would totally be jealous and waiting for that

Cori Masters: to happen?

Well, I hope, I mean, I think I would be proud of where I am in life. I think this last two years have been. Crazy. And I know the rest of the world has had a really hard time, but I think in my professional life, it’s been immense growth in the last two years. And I learned, I love it and it doesn’t come out of luck either.

It comes out of working hard and getting to know the right people in just putting yourself out there too, because sometimes I feel like I used to be very shy about. Hey, can I talk to [00:11:00] you or, Hey, I love your work because I didn’t want to bother people. That’s just my personality. And I think growing into and saying, well, I would love for someone to tell me that they like what I’m saying or that they would love to learn more or that they want to be my friend.

It’s like wearing it near a garden. You want to be friends? Yeah. So I think, um, yeah, I think younger Corey would hopefully be proud of. We live in, in a different country speaking a different language than the one I was born in and working and, and hopefully thriving.

Kt Maschler: Yes. I totally relate with that. Like, I mean, I have just like reaching out to you.

Like I, yeah. That’s why I started out on this podcast in general, because I wanted to push my confidence. I was terrified in the first place. Like, I honestly don’t have any business talking to you and thank you so much for taking the time. Just pushing myself to do that in the first place. And like, realizing that like a lot of people are more than happy to share it bias and just talk to [00:12:00] people and like make friends it’s

Cori Masters: really refreshing.

Yeah. And honestly, at the same time, it never feels like, well, to me, it doesn’t feel like I’m better than anyone else or that you don’t have any business talking to me because I love talking to you. So it’s, I’m super

Kt Maschler: excited to do that. Yeah. Okay. Perfect. Well, I won’t take too much of your time. So a few last questions.

Um, do you have a go-to like mantra or affirmation that you kind of

Cori Masters: stick to life? Not really, honestly. I like to sing. I’m a pretty positive person. Um, lately I’ve been trying really hard to stay organized in the Elidel fun man. Mantra I heard on tick-tock was Ben put it down, put it away.

Kt Maschler: maybe that helps someone

Cori Masters: out there then don’t write it down. Put it away, put it down, put it away.

Kt Maschler: Yes. Okay. So I’ll actually Hagit as you on Tik TOK, for sure.

Cori Masters: I don’t do anything. I just [00:13:00] love watching a bunch of dogs, cats and

Kt Maschler: funny things. Yeah. I was reading an article about tech talk and just like its growth in the past year.

And that about 72% of the videos are actually inspiring and just like people watch it, Jessica. Be happy in like general. Like they don’t really share a lot of stuff. They just watch

Cori Masters: it and be happy and, yeah.

Kt Maschler: Um, okay. So any last piece of advice, like, as I said before, we started this like a last piece of advice to your 25 year old self.

Cori Masters: Let’s see, I would say keep trying and. Of course, it sounds super cliche, but don’t give up. And the why’d you started is not what you feel passionate about. There’ll be afraid to change your path in life because you’re very young and you’ll find your ways eventually, eventually. Awesome.

Kt Maschler: Thank [00:14:00] you. Taking the time today.

I will make sure to add all of them. Find the links in the show notes. And thank

Cori Masters: you. Thank you so much. I super love doing this with you.

And that is it for this week’s episode. Thank you again for listening to my little podcast is seriously means the world to me, that you even press play in the first place. Be sure to follow my inspiring guests on all their social media platforms as well as the quest for new inspiration on instagram of course and as of this week we officially have a twitter

so go make sure to follow new inspiration pod on Twitter, as well as leave a review and subscribe on your favorite podcast platform. It really does make a world of difference. Thank you so much and be sure to tune in next time.

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