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Letting Go of the Crap - Christie Moran | Episode 35

This week's featured guest is Christie Moran, author of Phoenix Rising. We chat about embracing difference and letting go of the crap in life. She is sure to inspire you!

Christie Moran is an empowerment coach, a multi-faceted energy healer, and a heart-centred business owner. She is a International #1 Bestselling Author of Phoenix Rising. She is also the creator of transformational programs for courageous people committed to living an authentic and impactful life. Her work combines; inner mindset work and energetic transformation, supported by a strategic framework designed to empower. Christie's soul burning passion is to facilitate courageous women to experience maximum impact through their deepest level transformation and to guide them to connect with their inner fire and step into what is true and fulfilling for them. Christie lives in Australia and works with people all around the world. In her spare time, she enjoys being a grandma and volunteering as a mentor to teens at risk of disengagement.

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Christie Moran: [00:00:00] Hello. I'm Christine Moran. I'm an empowerment coach supporting people who.

I really feeling stuck in their life career relationship. And it's, it's like they've reached this crossroads and they found themselves in this situation where it's like, this is not what I dreamed life would be like, this is, this is not what I expected my life to turn out like, and they know they don't want.

This current thing that they've got going on, but they don't necessarily know what they want instead. And even if they have an idea of what they want. They're not sure they can actually have it or how to go about having it. And so I'm able to support them to let go of the stuff that's in the way, let go of the past traumas, the stress, the fear, the doubt, all of the crap and empowering them.

Yeah. The crap, and really empower them to be able to step into the life, the person that they [00:01:00] actually want to be having the impact on the world that they actually want to have.

KT Maschler: Wow. What kind of, um, inspired you to like, you know, start that mission in life? Yeah,

Christie Moran: it's really been my journey and the two big points in my life where, you know, when I was in a marriage where.

I loved my husband, but I wasn't in love with my husband and from the outside, my life looked perfect. And you know, it was, it had all of the elements of a perfect life, but I wasn't happy and I wasn't fulfilled. And, and that was a really challenging journey to go on, to come to terms with and make the choice to leave that marriage, knowing that my husband had not done anything.

You've done everything right. He loved me, you know, we had a family together and for me to make that choice to go, you know what, I'm choosing something different because I want to be happy. That was [00:02:00] really hard to do. And then years later, You know, I found myself in a similar situation in my career where again, life looked perfect.

I was successful. I was a regional manager for the largest building society in Australia. Um, you know, I was earning good money. I had the, the family, the relationship, the house, all of the stuff, but I wasn't happy. And, and so again, I needed to, to find that courage within me to go, I've got to do something different.

I need to do something that. Um, I'm feeling fulfilled in that I'm having an impact on the world in the way that I want to be able to impact. And I wasn't. And so that led me to make the leap, to, to create my own business and start doing this empowerment coaching so that I could support other people to really live the life that they wanted to be living as

KT Maschler: well.

So like I always ask these people who are like, always. Giving all of this positive energy to other people [00:03:00] all the time, like that's literally their job. So how do you gather, I guess, positive energy for yourself when. You're not having the best day, but you legitimately have to go and just share this positivity with other people.

How do you kind of approach that?

Christie Moran: Yeah, that's a really great question. And really the key is filling your day with the things that you love when, when you do those things that you love, that light up your heart, you lose hours in that and you never get tired of. The things that re-energize you and we get caught up in our life, doing all the things that we're expected to do, and we don't find time for those things.

And so when we're doing those things, they are reenergizing us. And for me, that is my coaching. When I spend time with people letting go of the crap, empowering them, when I see them starting to. [00:04:00] The light comes on in their eyes, their face lights up. They start to create this life that they had begun to think wasn't possible.

And that is where I get my energy from. So even though I'm giving so much to them, it is that experience and that journey that I'm going on with them. That actually reenergizes me because I just simply love it. It is amazing.

KT Maschler: Oh my gosh. I love the phrase letting go of the crap. You've said that multiple times is that like, I don't know, something you kind of live by or just like, kind of, I mean, seriously, that is such a mantra and it's so true.

Like just let go of the crap.

Christie Moran: Yeah. Yeah, it it's, it really is because the crap is different for everybody. You know, some people have had past traumas, some people haven't, some people it's, it's the self doubt or the negative. Self-talk the fear. It's, there's so many different things that hold us back so many different ways.

We get in our own way, [00:05:00] stopping ourselves from, from having what we want, experiencing what we want. And, and yeah, I guess that's the crap.

KT Maschler: I love that I am the queen of negative self-talk so I need to lack of crap.

Christie Moran: Oh, you are not alone. You are not line. Everybody does it. And, and yeah, it is, it is really letting it go and choosing something different.

KT Maschler: So do you have any, I guess places or people you'd necessarily go to. Either for yourself or for your, any of your clients that you can like recommend for people to be like inspired or positive mantras and that kind of stuff.

Christie Moran: Um, um, you know what, my favorite mentors, Christopher Duncan, he's the creator of magnetic mines.

And. The, the underlying premise that, you know, all of his work is based on is that you are not broken. And, you know, as a, as a coach of magnetic minds, [00:06:00] um, you know, I've been drawn to create. Because that so resonated with me. It's like, none of us are broken. We don't need to fix ourselves. And, and, you know, even if you are doing the negative self talk, even if you have had the past traumas, you are not broken, you know, your unconscious mind has.

Created these beliefs and decisions and rules based on your past experiences. And they've been created in order to keep you alive and guess what? You're still alive. So they're working perfectly. Yeah. So you're not broken. We don't need to fix you. It's about creating a life that you actually want to live and letting go of the crap.

We don't need to go back into it. We don't need to fix it. We don't need to figure out where it all went wrong. We just need to create and let go of what's in the way. And it, and it's so sounds so simple. It's not always easy. Sounds so simple. Um, but yeah, Chris, Chris [00:07:00] offers so much free content and. Yeah, benefit that I just couldn't recommend him highly enough.

And obviously I have my own communities and things like that, which people can tap into and, and, you know, access lots of, lots of free stuff as well.

KT Maschler: So. Yeah, perfect. Well, I will have to check him out. I don't want to take too much of your time. Cause you did mention you are in Australia. So what time is it for you currently?

It's like

Christie Moran: 10:00 AM in the morning.

KT Maschler: Okay, good. Good, good, good, good. Well, it's still, I don't want to take too much of your time, but um, you mentioned kind of the life shifts that you've had throughout your life. What kind of would your younger self think of. Your journey through all those different paths and then where you are now.

Christie Moran: Yeah. What would my youngest self think? Um, I think my youngest self would be really [00:08:00] proud, um, and, and be going. Why did we take the hard path now, now that now that we know what we know, and that there's an easy way, um, you know, there's other possibilities and choices. Um, Yeah, my youngest self would probably apologize full for making me do it the hard way, but that's the journey, you know, that that was the lessons that needed to be learned and the journey that I needed to go on to, to get those lessons.

Um, but yeah. If I, if I looked at it the other way and went, you know, if I went back to my younger self, what advice would I give? Um, it would definitely be to stay true to yourself. Hold on to your dreams because they are possible. And, and there was definitely a time for me when I was young that I believed in.

I believed in those possibilities. And as life got in the way as reality got in the way I started to doubt [00:09:00] that that was possible. Uh, and no one needed to comply with society. I need to follow the rules I need to do what's expected and, you know, do things the way that everybody else says that I'm supposed to be doing it.

And the dreams kind of got lost. And, and so I've done full circle and come back to being able to actually create a life that I love and leave my dreams. And so, yeah, my youngest over definitely proud that we got there in the end. Um, but yeah, flip flipping it. I would give the advice to go don't, don't give up on your dreams.

They are absolutely possible.

KT Maschler: That's beautiful. I love that. Well, any last piece of advice you have to share with anyone out there listening to this.

Christie Moran: Yeah, absolutely. You cannot be the best version of you doing it, somebody else's way. And, and we always try, we, we look at what everybody else is doing. We compare ourselves to everybody else.

We judge ourselves how we're not, then we're not, you know, whatever we're different and we try and [00:10:00] cut parts of ourself off so we can fit into this box, um, and be like everybody else. But it's those parts of you that a different. They are the parts of you that allow you to be your greatest version, allow you to have the biggest impact on the world.

So everywhere that you are different, embrace it and share it with the world because when you're not sharing it with the world, the world is missing out. Gosh.

KT Maschler: Yay. That was beautiful. Thank you. Well, if anybody wants to find out more about you, where could they connect and learn?

Christie Moran: Yeah, they can go to my website, which is holistic life

Um, I do have a private community, which is holistic life And you can access that access all of the free content, the community get involved with other like-minded people, uh, because you're not alone, no matter what you're going through. There are other people going through it too.

KT Maschler: [00:11:00] Awesome. Well, thank you so much for your time today. That was amazing.

And that is it for this week's episode. Thank you guys so much for tuning in every single place truly does mean the world to me. If you guys love the podcast, make sure you let me know by sharing the podcast, leaving review or a five star rating on apple podcast or your favorite podcast player.

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