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Meet the Host – KT Maschler | Episode 11

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Learn about the host KT Maschler, and how The Quest for New Inspiration Podcast got started.

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Hello and welcome to another episode of the quest for new inspiration. My name is KT Maschler in this is going to actually be a bit different since there’s. Actually you know some people. Listening to my podcast, I figured I would introduce myself. First of all, I would like to think seriously each and every one of you for even clicking play on my podcast, I’m so incredibly honored that you chose my podcast to listen to, even if you didn’t like it tried it out. I love you for it anyways. Thank you so much well, the start of this podcast actually started when I was asked by my employer blue changeing. If I would venture in and learn some more podcast ing skills, they had no my passion just for generally listening to podcast and my love for them throughout the office, and they thought it’d be a good challenge for me. I took that challenge head on and fell in love with it, but then I needed some kind of creative outlet of my own and at that same time I was kind of realizing that I was about to lose one of the biggest inspirations in my life and for those of you who haven’t listened to the episode, it is episode, six, a heavenly ninety, ninth and basically it is a conversation I had with my grandpa about a year ago and just a little bit of interviewing about his life, his job and just general thoughts that I could get from him. He was truly the greatest man I’ve ever met. Not only was he super passionate about his community, he was passionate about his family and helping US grow. He also gave me my love for traveling. He is a very well traveled man and has so many so many stories that he could just rattle off the date time and place and who he was talking to of just any story, you could ask him about. The man is truly a history book in his brain. So basically, that kind of summed up into the quest for new inspiration, I was legitimately on a quest to find some new inspiration in my life, so I reached out to some of the people in my life who had inspired me and asked them if they’d sit down with me and have a little chat and that’s basically where it started so from here on, I’m not really sure whittle girl, but I’m looking for seriously. Anyone who has a motivation, AL story, a passionate story, a story of hard times that they made it through and they can show- and they can share lessons with other people, people who wouldn’t think that they are actually inspiring but truly truly are generally. My mission is to help inspire others and spire the community around me. Okay. So now that you know a little bit about why and how I started the podcast a little bit about me is I’m actually from Beler or Hudgens on Kansas, I went to Buhler high school and then graduated from the University of Kansas. I am a animal lover, music of all forms. I was in marching band, beler singers theater. You name it I loved it all. Yeah Music is definitely one of a big passion for me, since I don’t really have the confidence to record myself singing. I figured I get in the realm somehow and record myself, podcasting. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I love to travel in one of my main goals. Now that covid has gone away and we will not really gone away, but you know we are coming out of it to travel more and bring my podcast ing set with me interview people who inspire me on the road. That’s one of my favorite parts of traveling is meeting these people who have different culture, different environments, they’re surrounded themselves with different ideals, a love of talking to New People and just growing my knowledge about different cultures and communities and speaking of traveling. This will be a little bit of a shorter episode just because I am going to be on vacation to the Bahamas. So I happen to have any listeners in the Bahamas. Who would love to chat with me? I will seriously died. Do that that would be amazing. One of my main things for this podcast today is for any of my listeners to share their stories with me. Share your stories of inspiration. People want to hear them, even if you’re not sure that your story could be inspiring. Trust me, there is someone who is struggling with that same thing and can really and can be inspired by how you move forward and how you got through. Whatever the thing is people in my daily life, inspire me it does not have to be some mega. influencer does not have to be some huge pop star that has all these followers. It could be seriously your neighbor or your homer driver or anybody who come across them to the streets. People have a inspiration to share. You just have to ask them for it all right. Well, that is it for this week and I would love to have you tell a friend about this podcast and you can help me share these inspirational stories by rating and reviewing the class for new inspiration on apple podcast or your favorite podcast platform. If you have a question or an inspirational story, you’d like to share you can send them my way, you can send me a message on Instagram, at Quest for new inspiration or Email me at, thanks again for listening and be sure to join me next time.

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