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Pepper Anne: Unveiling True Crime Stories of Notorious Texas Swindler

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Join Pepper Anne, a passionate true crime author, as she uncovers captivating stories of crime, deception, and justice. In her podcast, Pepper Anne dives into the dark world of crime, discussing her latest book, "The Notorious Texas Swindler" which details the gripping tale of her own family member, Bob Leach, and his escape from a Texas jail in 2001. With over 12 years of research, Pepper Anne exposes the hidden truth behind the crimes and the shocking connections to present-day organizations. Discover her relentless pursuit of justice and her unique approach to storytelling, including an upcoming groundbreaking audible book. Tune in for chilling narratives, cautionary advice, and an inside look into the world of true crime investigation. Visit for more information, social media links, and updates on Pepper Anne's upcoming audible book. "The Notorious Texas Swindler" is available on various online book platforms.

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Pepper Anne is a 7th-generation Texan, where she and her family reside. She gained experience working alongside private investigators, where she learned to find information about stories of interest and eventually expose cover-ups.

Her first book, The Notorious Texas Swindler is proof of that when she penned the life story about a cousin; a cattle rustler turned con man. She was forced to rewrite the story three times, because the individuals involved hacked her computer, but she didn't stop there. Her life and her family's lives were even put in jeopardy. This only put more resolve into her to continue writing the truth of what happened.

Pepper's dream is to bring to light the story behind the stories we've all heard about. She is making sure that we hear all sides of the story so that we may make our own decisions.

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