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Pre-stressing Yourself - Mike Vera of Healthy and Awake | Episode 87

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

In our conversation, Mike delves into his journey and passion for challenging authority and questioning societal norms. His unique perspective was sparked by his early exposure to the thought-provoking comedy of George Carlin, who emphasized the importance of skepticism and asking questions. Mike's path led him to become a board-certified health coach and the host of the "Healthy and Awake" podcast, where he explores the impact of propaganda, influence, and manipulation on our health choices and behaviors.

Mike Vera of Healthy and Awake Podcast


Mike Vera is a Board-Certified Health Coach with a Master's degree in Exercise Science, specialized in Sports Psychology, Performance Enhancement & Injury Prevention. As the founder of Red Pill Health & Wellness, he's dedicated to debunking health myths and empowering individuals with scientifically accurate health information. Mike is also the host of the 'Healthy & Awake' podcast. His unique approach focuses on understanding the power of propaganda, helping clients control their environment and thoughts to achieve and maintain their health goals. Mike's philosophy is a beacon for critical thinkers seeking to take charge of their well-being.

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