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Redefining Wealth: The Hidden Secrets of Money Creation - Kristen Ragusin

In this thought-provoking episode of "Unveiling the Path to Abundance," KT Gates welcomes Kristen Ragusin, a financial expert and the author of "The End of Scarcity." Kristen embarks on a profound discussion about the origins of her book, which stems from a remarkable 10-year journey of research and discovery in the financial world.

Wealth Expert, Kristen Ragusin

Kristen shares her perspective on how traditional banking has evolved from a community-focused institution to the financial casino we see today. She unveils the truth about money creation and its role in society, highlighting how the current system perpetuates scarcity and financial stress.

The episode takes a deep dive into the essence of Kristen's book, explaining how our understanding of money shapes our lives and relationships. Kristen's soothing voice guides us through a narrative that empowers listeners with the knowledge to free themselves from the fear and shame associated with money.

Discover how Kristen's book provides a solution and a pathway to a more prosperous and abundant society. Her insights are enlightening and inspire positive change, making this a must-listen for anyone seeking financial empowerment and a brighter future.

If you've ever wondered about the true nature of money and how it affects your life, don't miss this enlightening conversation with Kristen Ragusen. Get ready to redefine wealth and abundance in your life.

Listeners can find Kristen's book, "The End of Scarcity," on her website, Amazon, Audible, Barnes & Noble, and Apple Books.

Guest Bio: Kristen Ragusin - a monetary visionary and 30 year investment professional is leading the charge towards a financial freedom in a world that works for everyone. With her extensive background in finance and her best-selling book "The End of Scarcity," Kristen is ready to share her insight on the future of money. She argues that the Fed is becoming increasingly irrelevant in today's world and that new production-backed money networks are forming to create freedom and democratize the financial world like never before. With her cutting-edge ideas and her ability to communicate them in an engaging and compelling manner, Kristen is the perfect speaker to share her vision of a world where money is truly reimagined, and where the people have the power to control their own financial destiny.

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