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Respecting Yourself - Fabricio Basilio | Episode 37

This week on The Quest for New Inspiration, I am joined by the very inspiring Fabricio Basilio! We discuss the importance of overcoming failure and respecting yourself.

Fabricio is an entreperneuer that started to work in the online space when he was 14, working as a translator and starting in the e-commerce space. At the age of 17, Fabricio sold his first e-commerce.

Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Fabricio decided to move to North America. He chooses Toronto, Canada as his new home, where he lives for around 3 years already. He is Graduated in Business Management, from the Toronto School of Management.

Fabricio was mentored by guys like Jackson Calame, Sean Ferres, James Furman, Stefan Georgi, and Justin Goff. Fabricio has helped 20+ businesses to expand their impact through digital marketing campaigns.

Now, at the age of 24, married and mentally different from the boy that dreamed to be successful in the digital space, his biggest dream is to impact society positively with his skills. That's his vocation!

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Fabricio Basilio: [00:00:00] So to introduce myself, my name is Cabio. As you can know, like from this post, uh, I am a Brazilian guy living in north America. I live in Canada for three years from now. Uh, so that's the reason why my accent is so weird.

Uh, don't worry about it. Uh, yeah, so. I started my career like working online when I was back in my country in Brazil. And actually I was 15 years old at the time. No 14 years old at the time I started my first business. Like I was doing some translation, like, uh, I speak English since I was a kid and I was really some tests to, to some money.

And for me that was good. Like, uh, 14 years old guy like earn like $300 a month. Like that, that was great. Like, life was great for me, but I, I decided to do something extra and I started like, uh, to work with marketing itself, like start to [00:01:00] learn by myself, uh, created my first C com store at the beginning was a little bit challenging, but after some time I was it, which you figured it out, uh, had a success.

Uh, with that, uh, sold it after some years, like when I was around 18 years old and decided to get this money to invest into my education. That's when I decided to move to north America. Like, uh, the opportunity is living north America, huge compared to Brazil. So I decided to go like with a mission to impact more people.

And yeah, right now I'm graduated in marketing by home school of management. Um, I do have a marketing agency and I'm helping some clients who get some results with social media, this kind of stuff.

KT Maschler: Okay. Hold the phone. How old are you?

Fabricio Basilio: I'm 2

KT Maschler: 24 now. Oh, I was like, okay, we're the same age, but you are definitely the youngest person that I have ever talked to on this podcast.

So, woo [00:02:00] that's true. That is incredible. You sold a business at 18 years old.

Fabricio Basilio: Yeah. Yeah. Like, uh, actually it was my second. Yeah. The second try. Uh, when I was doing like, e-commerce like my first one was not so good, but the second one I was able to, to succeed. After some years, I was able to generate like six figures monthly consistently until the time I decided to, to solid, like enjoy the wave and do some advancement in my education.

So, so yeah, basically like this.

KT Maschler: Basically like that. What kinda, uh, gave you the, I don't know, motivation to, start your e-commerce business and like go that. Journey.

Fabricio Basilio: Uh, I hope that I had a, like a beautiful story, like, uh, an expiration, but at the time it was just young boy. So like, uh, I was earning some money.

I saw a video and I realized let's try it [00:03:00] on, you know, like, uh, I just decided to give a try and see like what it was going to happen. Uh, like, I, I didn't mention that, but, uh, since I was a kid, I, I had a dream of being in C engineering and, uh, and I was like, okay, I will do the eCommerce, earn some money, go to C engineering school.

And that will it. But like throughout the time throughout the journey, I start to realize the, the real power of that. I start to feel like, uh, Much better when I was doing that than when I was like in a super engineering school that I decided to change totally my career plans and decide to, you know, like work with marketing as my lifestyle, as my career, instead of something else, you know?

So it started like as a, I don't know, like a boy just trying to have fun and earn some money and developed you a, to a career, you know, .

KT Maschler: So you mentioned [00:04:00] that, um, you had one business that wasn't as great as the other. So where did you like kind of get the inspiration or motivation to like keep moving forward?

Like how did you not just give up? Oh, maybe I'll just try something else or whatever.

Fabricio Basilio: Yeah. Like, uh, I, to be honest, I'm a very competitive guy. Like, so I don't like to lose so much. Like I, I come from a sports background, like when I was a kid, I, I used to play soccer. Uh, like, so even though I'm playing video games, I don't like to lose at all.

And when I search to fail, I search to ask myself, why was that happening? Like I, why, uh, could I make different in order to, to succeed? And I realized that, I failed. Okay. I was just a boy. And of course this helps a lot, but I failed because I was trying to do, uh, something that someone told me to do.

Like, uh, I was not be [00:05:00] myself, you know? So like I decided to, you know, like, uh, I have already failed with this one. Why not try and be myself and see how it's. It's going to work, you know, so I was working an niche that I didn't know a thing about. Like I have to study all the things, like, I didn't know how to, uh, select the products like the audience.

And I said like, uh, it, what if I tried something that I like that I know that I, you know, like that I know about the subject. So when I tried, of course, was not like, uh, in the first month's. Uh, it has some struggle here and there, but, uh, you know, like the results were much better, not only financially, but I, I mean, emotionally, uh, because like that was, you know, really something that I could see my face on it, you know, that's something that was kind of a method that it was falling in or, you know, and earn some money.

That's awesome.

KT Maschler: Um, do you have any particular people that you kind of looked up to during this entire process?

Fabricio Basilio: Like [00:06:00] when I talk about exploration, like my mom is the first one that comes to my mind. Like, uh, she had several problems, like, uh, during my childhood, like, uh, she was, she needed to, to do some stuff in order to, to succeed.

And like she was pregnant at the age of 19. So that's kind of difficult, especially for us, like, uh, I didn't come from a rich family. And even though like, she was able to, to succeed, like, uh, she didn't give up. Like I saw some days that she was like going out 5:00 AM in the morning in arrive at home, like at midnight and you know, like in the next day, doing all over again.

And I always look at her heart, she like, uh, you know, like, I want you be. At least close to what he does for me. That's why I decided to work since I was like a teenager. Uh, I want to help somehow, you know, like, uh, if I can help somehow let's try it on. And, and yeah, she was the first one when it comes to mentors.

Of course I had [00:07:00] some mantles, uh, like Michelle Jacobs, uh, is she's a Brazilian girl, like who talks about, uh e-commerce. She was the, you know, the one that's, uh, believed in me, even though I was so young, uh, she guided me through like all the stops and I'm very good dreadful for her. Uh, but when it comes to inspiration, of course, my mom is the first.

Person that comes to my mind, especially at this, at these age. Aw,

KT Maschler: that's so cute. uh, do you have any like, kinda go to mantras or kind of affirmations that you've kind of told yourself over these past years?

Fabricio Basilio: Yeah. I always like the first one that I told you, I always try to be myself. Like, I don't want to pretend to be like someone else.

I don't want to try to do some other method. I want to do mine. So I always try to be myself. Like, even if. Goes wrong. That's okay. Uh, as I told you, like, I'm a very competitive, [00:08:00] so like, uh, no, it's not an answer for me, so I don't stop when I hear no, you know, so I always try to make something different, like to hear yes.

In the next conversation. And I always, always take a look and I say like, When I see something happening and I want to do the same thing. Like I want to do some similar thing. I always ask myself like, what, uh, why I cannot do that. You know, like why I cannot learn about that. You know, of course there are some things that I, I just don't wanna learn.

I just don't wanna do, but when I put something on my mind, I just ask myself, like, why. Would be able to do that. So, and when I asked that myself as I to realize that, uh, your biggest, like, of course we have explorations, of course we have people on your side. But your best sex inspiration has come from here, you know?

So [00:09:00] when you have your mindset, when you have your goals, I think it's the best one right now, even though I'm just 24 I'm marriage, like for a year, almost few years now. And right now I, my, my wife has been this, uh, You know, this guidance for me, like this help, because like, she's totally the opposite from me.

And it that's, that's, uh, funny because like, uh, I'm the kind of guy who wants to try it on all the things like creative, innovative, like, uh, and she's completely different. Like she asks me about the details. She's had stop slow down a little bit. So these kind of situation balances. You know, uh, because it's not due to be, so let's do it.

Let's go. Uh, but it's, if you just think about things before doing, if you overthink, that's also a problem. So I would say that's right now, like. Asking those questions [00:10:00] and having my wife with me, uh, are the key things that make made you wake up every single morning and try it on every single day. I don't succeed every day.

Okay. I, I'm not the I'm not coming to here and saying, no, I I'm succeeding. No, I'm not in the position in that I expect to be not even close, but I, I just want to wake up every single day and at least see that I'm closer to it, you know? So, so I always. Ask myself, this is all like, uh, okay. Am I getting closer to what I have dream if I am, even though it's like 0.1%, uh, I'm happy, you know?

KT Maschler: Yeah. That's awesome. Wow. Okay. As a, that as a 24 year old, that is a lot to accomplish and to this, like, That's a mouthful for a 24 year old. Wow. That's impressive. well, since you are so young, what [00:11:00] kind of, what kind of dreams do you have or what are your next goals to accomplish?

Fabricio Basilio: When I decided to work for a home, the first one was the, the location of freedom.

So like, uh, I work for my home right now. Like I work from my, my office and being able to be close to the people that I love. You know, like, uh, I live in Canada, but I visit my family in Brazil, like several times a year. Uh, you know, I can travel with my wife. So these things would be the first goal, uh, that I had.

But right now, like my biggest goal. It should be able to give us sustainable life for my family. So me and my wife, so we have some financial things that we need to cover, like by our next home. And, you know, like travel a little bit. Like we always make sure to try to travel and enjoy life as well. Uh, in, within some years we'll search to preferr a baby, you [00:12:00] know, so.

I don't like to put so long term goals. Like in 10 years I would be like this because to be honest, I don't work so well with so long term goals. I prefer to do like six months, one year, you know, like small goals to be able to go step by step, because this way I can't be more focused on one, what, what I need to do, you know?

KT Maschler: Yeah. That's awesome. Okay. Any last piece of advice that you have for me today?

Fabricio Basilio: It's hard to say, like, uh, because to be honest, like I, I have done so many things wrong that I don't know if I can give an advice, but the most thing that I, you know, the most important thing for me is that I always try to.

Respect myself, you know, so respect yourself means that you know what you're capable of, you know what you're doing, but you need to know, like when you need to slow [00:13:00] down a little bit, uh, you know, like the last couple of years were so difficult because of the pandemic situation, uh, all the things that happened along the world, like.

I know that the situation it was was crazy, but in my country was crazy as well. Again, I was in Canada, my family was suffering and like, in this case I had to slow down a little bit, you know, so, and that's okay. You know, that's okay. Because there are more important things than just, you know, like a business and just work than just job, you know, there are much more important things.

So I would say that respecting yourself would be the best way for the good and for the bad as well. So knowing when you need to slow down, know when you need to would move forward, I would say that's the best piece of advice.

KT Maschler: Yes. I love that so much. Okay, perfect. Well, thank you so much for your time today.

That was amazing.

Fabricio Basilio: Thank you. Thank you for inviting me.[00:14:00]

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