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Soul Safari to Success with Harriet Tubman Wright | Episode 96

Join Harriet Tubman Wright, founder of The Wright Resort, on a transformative journey to discover your true self and unlock your full potential. In this empowering podcast, Harriet shares her wisdom and insights gained from years of experience in helping women prioritize self-care, embrace their soul's calling, and drive positive social change.

Discover how to be your authentic self, harness your innate gifts, and find your purpose in life. Harriet's guests and mentors offer guidance, and she explores the power of spiritual practices like meditation and affirmative prayer to navigate your path.

Whether you're a seasoned entrepreneur, a woman seeking your true purpose, or simply looking for inspiration and empowerment, "Soul Safari to Success" is your guiding light. Tune in to uncover the keys to love, health, prosperity, and joy. Take that first step towards your journey of self-discovery and transformation. Don't miss an episode, and share the inspiration with your friends. Your soul safari to success starts here.

Who is Harriet Tubman Wright?

I’m a lifelong learner/teacher, spiritual sojourner and cultural creative who lives my values of freedom, justice, peace, healing, wholeness, community and service through my liberating engagement with others. As an initiated Elder and Priestess, it is essential to use our innate wisdom and power as conscious, spirited and creative women leaders to help heal humanity and the planet. In doing so, a new paradigm of Feminine Presence and an enduring legacy of (r)evolutionary social change is created.

For over 45 years, I helped hundreds of people improve the quality of their lives while working in community-based organizations, educational institutions, the public sector in the US and international agencies in Africa. I was fortunate to work in or visit half the countries throughout West, East and Southern Africa, including islands in the Indian Ocean.

For several years she pursued her dream to create The Wright Resort, A BodyMindSpirit Wellness Center, starting in 2006 to convene Healing Salons primarily for African American women. After retiring from the City of Oakland in early 2008, she transitioned to full-time operations, with services focused primarily on stress release and self-care, gradually expanding to include VIP Coaching, Public Speaking, Tele-Seminars, Empowerment Salons, and Spa Days.

The Wright Resort, Your Soul Safari to Success, is now dedicated to (R)evolutionary Feminine Leadership to evolve people and the planet.

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