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Stay Patient and Trust Your Journey - Sydney Weiss | (Re-Release) Episode 47

During this week’s episode of The Quest for New Inspiration, I had the opportunity to chat with Sydney Weiss to discuss what inspires her journey, the importance of staying patient and trusting yourself.

“Continue to follow your inspiration, follow your joy, follow what excites you, and I think it will lead you to where you are meant to be.”

Sydney Weiss is a lawyer and the creator, host, and producer of Seek The Joy Podcast. Every week Sydney sits down with thought leaders in health, wellness, mindfulness and beyond for empowering conversations and heartfelt storytelling on all things self-love, joy, connection, empowerment and wellness.

Sydney’s greatest mission is to uplift and empower others to find their authentic voice, encourage them to step into their vulnerability and courage, all to seek their joy and bring about a greater world. Through Seek The Joy, she’s been able to do just that. Inspired by our ongoing journey toward growth, empowerment, and self-love, every episode offers a fresh perspective, “aha!” moments, laughs, and stories and wisdom that will stick with you throughout the week.

In 2020, Sydney launched Stories of Inspiring Joy, a podcast dedicated to sharing your stories, in your words. There is real power in storytelling, and when we come together around shared love, loss, laughter, joy and vulnerability, we build connection, create inspiration, and come together in community. We all have a story to share and a voice that is meant to be heard, and we want to share yours.





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