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The Mind is Powerful Medicine – Harry Croft | Episode 22

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Dr. Harry Croft is a psychiatrist in San Antonio, Texas, who is triple board certified in: Adult Psychiatry, Addition Medicine, and Sex Therapy. In addition to his private practice he serves as: Medical Director of the San Antonio Psychiatric Center, and prior director or Psychiatric trials. Over 40 years he has been Principal Investigator in over 125 clinical trials (testing new antidepressant and other medications). He serves as Medical Director of the country’s largest consumer driven mental health website. A former decorated Army Psychiatrist, he has now evaluated more than 8000 veterans (most with PTSD/ TBI). As a result his many years of experience, he co-authored the book, I Always Sit with my Back to the Wall: a best selling book of hope and help for those with PTSD. He is recognized as a national authority on combat related PTSD and TBI, and is frequently called upon by national media, having appeared on: CNN, CNN International, Fox News Channel, MSNBC, HLN (Dr. Drew), Fox News Feed and others. Newsprint and web interviews and features include: TIME magazine, USA Today, Inc. magazine, the ATLANTIC, Huffington Post, the Recruiter, CBS., NBC, CBS , the AP (Associated Press), Reuters News Service: and newspapers including: The LA Times, The Chicago Tribune, Denver Post, Miami Herald, Houston Chronicle, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Military Times and others. He loves to teach and has presented to over 1000 groups of physicians, and mental health professionals, and lay audiences in all 50 states, and 8 foreign countries. He has also presented to and consulted with employers on Properly Hiring and Retaining Veterans in the civilian workplace. He serves as an advisor to the VA Veterans in the Workplace national Advisory Board. He has been active in Community service, frequently lecturing to lay audiences, and being seen as the “go to guy” for the media when questions of mental health are involved. He appeared on evening TV newscasts for over 30 years with his award winning mental health feature, “The Mind is Powerful Medicine,” and for his TV work he was named Physician Broadcaster of the Year by the National Association of Physician Broadcasters. Awards include: Recognitions as a Distinguished Life Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association; Awarded the President’s Award from the American Psychiatric Association, Award from the National Mental Health Association, Governor of Texas, and many local and regional honors. Heis a winner of over 20 national and state awards, and biographee in Who’s Who in America for over 40 years. Yet his proudest accomplishment is his 55-year marriage to his wife, Benay-his 3 grown children, and 4 granddaughters.

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